Client: Windowbuild
Product: Safety Deckplate
Location: Cardiff, Wales

deck plate

About Windowbuild

Windowbuild manufactures a range of built-in PVC-U windows and doors for new build homes. Based in Cardiff and employing approximately 160 people, it is part of the Epwin group of companies and has been in the window manufacturing business for over 20 years. Windowbuild supplies customers nationwide, and can also provide fitting and service teams.

The Project

The manufacturing area at Windowbuild requires employees to stand for prolonged periods of time. Some 70 people work in two shifts in this area, which has dedicated zones for tasks such as cutting the plastic, drilling holes, assembling windows and doors, applying handles and glazing, and ultimately shrink wrapping the finished goods, ready to be delivered and fitted on customers’ sites.

Employee safety within the manufacturing area is a top priority where 8 hour shifts are the norm. While employees do have a lunch break and two x 10 minute coffee/tea breaks, the majority of their working day requires them to stand, as they walk up and down various assembly lines.

Rubber floor mats had been in place previously, but Windowbuild recognised the need to replace these with new safety mats, with superior anti-fatigue and slip-resistant properties. A variety of matting samples were provided for trial purposes. Safety Deckplate from COBA Europe was the preferred product and subsequently supplied by Corporate Safety Wear. It has since been installed in areas such as Glazing, Welding, Saw and Preparation within Windowbuild’s Cardiff manufacturing facility.

Safety Deckplate matting has been very well received by shop floor employees at Windowbuild. They report the matting to be noticeably more comfortable and consider it to be effectively reducing fatigue from standing. The bright yellow ‘ramped’ safety borders are also a useful feature, helping to reduce trip hazards, and beneficial in highlighting assembly line walkways.

About Safety Deckplate matting

Safety Deckplate matting case_studies a PVC diamond patterned surface, which is very hardwearing and resistant to soiling making it suitable for many different industrial environments. The raised pattern provides additional grip underfoot to reduce the risk of slipping in the workplace. This durable surface is also self-extinguishing and resilient to many industrial chemicals. The foam backing effectively cushions the user from the impact of standing, therefore providing effective fatigue-relief. Standard and bespoke size availability makes Safety Deckplate matting ideal for production lines, assembly areas and individual workstations.

It is available with and without yellow safety borders in the following sizes:

  • 0.6m width x 0.9m length
  • 0.9m width x 1.5m length
  • 0.9m width x 3m length
  • 0.9m width x 6m length
  • 0.9m width x per linear metre length
  • 1.2m width x 18.3m
  • 1.2m width x per linear metre length

For further information about Safety Deckplate and other industrial safety matting options available from COBA Europe, please call 0116 240 1088 or email

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