Switchboard Matting

Switchboard Matting

Switchboard matting is essential for protection in high-voltage areas, for example in front of switchboards and around high-voltage equipment. Our range includes three different options of electrical rubber matting, with various ratings and sizes to meet your specific requirements.

Switchboard matting provides safety for operatives against electrical shocks, and all of our electrical matting options have slip resistance benefits, to prevent any slip accidents. This whole range of electrical safety matting has been designed for use in front of switchboards. If you’re unsure about which option to go for, our knowledgeable Sales team are on hand to help.

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What does an insulating mat do?

An insulating mat acts as a barrier against electrical currents, preventing the flow of electricity between surfaces. It’s commonly used to protect against electric shock or to insulate sensitive equipment from static electricity or electromagnetic interference.

If you are searching for an insulated mat, we have different options available. Our COBAswitch Insulation Matting is a specialist safety mat for high voltage areas.

When should insulating mats be used?

Insulating mats should be used in environments where there is a risk of electric shock or where electrical equipment needs protection from static electricity or electromagnetic interference. They are commonly used in areas where electrical work is performed, such as substations, switchgear rooms, electrical panels, and data centers. Additionally, insulating mats are used in industries like manufacturing, construction, and telecommunications to ensure worker safety and equipment reliability.

What is the purpose of an electrical rubber mat?

The purpose of an electrical rubber mat, also known as an insulating mat, is to provide a protective barrier against electric shock in areas where electrical work is performed. These mats are made of durable rubber material that effectively insulates against electrical currents, reducing the risk of injury to workers. They are commonly placed in front of electrical panels, switchboards, or other high-voltage equipment to create a safe working environment by preventing accidental contact with live electrical components.

Will an electrical rubber mat prevent electric shock?

A rubber mat alone cannot completely prevent electric shock. However, electrical rubber mats, also known as insulation mats, are specifically designed for electrical insulation, and can significantly reduce the risk of electric shock by providing an insulating barrier between a person and any live electrical components.

Also, ensure to take the necessary safety measures such as wearing insulated gloves and following proper procedures for working with electricity to enhance electrical safety in the workplace.

What is the standard for electrical safety mats?


In the UK, the relevant standard for electrical rubber mats is BS EN 61111:2009. This standard, titled “Insulating mats for electrical purposes,” specifies requirements for materials, dimensions, electrical properties, and testing methods for insulating mats used in electrical installations and equipment. Compliance with BS EN 61111 ensures that rubber mats meet the necessary safety standards to protect against electric shock.

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