Our extensive range of barrier matting is used by private and commercial buildings to prevent slip accidents and to reduce internal flooring cleaning costs. For optimum barrier mat performance, we recommend using a zoning system. The COBA Flooring brochure includes all of our barrier matting systems and floor coverings. See our case studies for more inspiration,

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Our free Entrance Architect App brings a wide range of entrance matting solutions to your camera.

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Slip accidents can be lethal, but frequently cause minor and serious injuries to employees and visitors. The HSE outline that ‘Where a floor is likely to be subject to frequent contamination, people should still be able to walk on it without the risk of slipping’. In order to keep internal floors free from contamination, well-specified barrier matting systems should be installed at all entrances.

Barrier mats are the first line of defence against external contaminants, such as dirt and moisture, entering your building. When these contaminants are captured at the buildings entrance, there is less chance of them being transferred onto internal floor coverings. Reception and entrance areas can benefit in particular, as floors will be kept cleaner. Facilities Managers will also notice that their cleaning and flooring maintenance costs will be reduced, due to less wear and tear.

They must meet the criteria of Buildings Regulations Approved Document M and be DDA compliant. Find out here if your entrance can stand up to legal scrutiny.

There are lots of different types of barrier matting to suit different environments, such as Aluminium, Carpet and PVC Tiles. They are all designed to effectively prevent slips and increase safety underfoot, throughout the building. The correct type of matting just needs to be selected for the environment. Our Entrance Architect mobile app recommends the most suitable barrier matting products to you, after answering a few simple questions.

We also offer a Supply and Install Service, which provides you with peace of mind that the right product has been chosen the first time around and installed correctly, by trained professionals. See our latest Case Studies for examples of installations and projects.

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