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We have a wide range of industry tested ESD matting, ESD floor mats and accessories to protect you and your electronic components. All you need for ESD protection, we have a wide range of industry tested ESD matting, ESD floor mats and accessories to protect you and your electronic components against the harmful effects of static electricity. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can be a problem in some working environments, and potentially damaging to electrical components. Floors, chairs, work surfaces and packaging can all create static electricity, which when released into an electronic device becomes known as Electrostatic Discharge.

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How to use a static bracelet?

An anti-static wrist strap, also called an electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist strap, is a safety device worn on your wrist that prevents the build-up of static electricity. The ESD Wristband is an easy plug and play option. • Place the strap around your hand, adjust the strap to your comfort, making sure that the entire wristband touches the skin
• Clip in the coil cord wire on your wrist strap
• Clip the other end of the provided wire onto the male stud incorporated to the ESD bench mat
• Ensure that both inputs of the wire are securely clipped in and now you’re ready to start working

How to connect anti-static wrist strap?

You’ll notice a sliver clip on the outside of the wrist band matches the provided wire. The wire point can be pressed into the silver clip on the wrist strap securely. On the ESD mat there will be the same silver clip as on the wrist strap, place the other end of the wire on the clip and gently press it in.

How to test ESD wrist strap with multi meter?

Use an ohmmeter or multi-meter to determine if there is conductivity between the metal part of the wrist strap, and the end part where you connect it to ground.

Do I need an anti-static wrist strap to build a PC?

If you are just cleaning out dust, then there is no need for one. But if you are taking out components, then you it would be best to wear one to ensure you don’t short something or build up static.



It is also important that the mat is grounded to earth correctly. This can be done with a common point ground wire that is connected to the ESD mat via the male stud. The other end of the wire is then connected to the electric system via a bonding plug that simply plugs into an electrical socket.

Once the mat is grounded to earth you can clip the coil code onto both the mat and the wrist strap

What is static build-up?

Static build-up is something that can be taken for granted in everyday life. Simply actions such as walking across a carpet can generate static build-up which can then be transferred to something we touch.

In certain types of manufacturing industries, such as electronics, the need for effective ESD equipment is imperative to protect components and operators.

There is an extensive range of ESD equipment to choose from so it is important to decide whether it is the component that needs protecting or the operator.

If it is the component then the selected ESD equipment should include a bench mat whereas if the employee needs the most protection, then suitable floor matting such as Cobastat would be a good option for ESD protection. There are also ESD products such as HR Matting that can protect both.

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