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Prolonged standing can contribute to musculoskeletal disorders like lower back pain, and pain and fatigue in joints, legs and feet. Anti-fatigue mats help to reduce this pain and other hazards of standing at work, increasing blood flow and improving circulation.

As leading manufacturers and suppliers of anti-fatigue matting, we can help reduce aches and pains when standing for long periods at work. To find out more about our anti-fatigue mats, browse the range below or view the COBA Europe catalogue.

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Tracey Clingo

Clingo Plant Nursery

Well the matting is down and looks amazing ?. We can’t thank you enough for all your help we really appreciate it.

Jag Sachdeva

Omnibus Kitchen Co

We were so pleased with the level of service by the team at COBA. Their knowledge and advice really helped ensure we chose the right matting to suit our business needs!

Dan Haas

Fira Studio

We felt the improvement almost straight away. Even from that first step onto the mat, after standing on the concrete floor, your feet and legs feel better. We’re really pleased with the quality, it’s a good investment.

Marcela Lednicka

Pollock Lifts Ltd

We use COBA Europe’s products because they meet with our quality expectations and specification needs. We are very happy with the service provided by the Sales team, the quality of the products and the efficiency of delivery.

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Anti fatigue Matting FAQs

We’ve compiled answers to frequently asked questions about anti-fatigue mats:

What are anti fatigue mats?

Anti-fatigue mats are a type of mat that provides cushioning underfoot and encourage gentle foot movement in an effort to lessen fatigue and the hazards associated with prolonged standing at work.

It is essential that this kind of matting encourages blood circulation. The calf and foot muscles contract and expand as the feet gradually acclimatise to the cushioned surface, stimulating blood circulation and turning on the venous pump, which pushes blood back up to the heart. Additionally, these mats offer warmth from chilly concrete floors and slip resistance for general well-being.

Aches and pains from standing for a long time can develop over time if the underlying reason is not treated.

What does an anti-fatigue mat do?

By introducing carefully selected anti fatigue mats, they can help to combat Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). These are injuries or conditions that affect movement. Parts of the body most commonly affected include muscles, tendons, ligaments, vascular systems, nerves, soft tissues, bones, and joints.

Check out our video on anti-fatigue mats and how they can help improve your overall comfort and well-being.

How do anti-fatigue mats work?

Our anti fatigue matting works by providing comfort underfoot, with cushioning which promotes subtle foot movement. This movement minimises the body from being in a static position and prevents the restriction of blood flow around the body, to help improve circulation. Effective matting can help to reduce fatigue, muscular pain and circulation problems.

Anti-fatigue mats stimulate the calf muscles to move more and improve overall standing health. Standing for long periods of time at work without appropriate flooring like anti fatigue mats, can lead to health problems such as back pain and poor circulation.

When anti-fatigue matting is not used, muscles can harden quickly and lead to poor posture, especially on hard and cold industrial floors. Standing for long periods of time at work can adversely affect employee health, cause MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and affect productivity.

Fatigue matting helps to stimulate blood circulation and thus prevents signs of fatigue in standing activities. Well-selected anti-fatigue matting relieves the pressure on the feet, joints and spine and makes an important contribution to the overall health of employees.

Choosing the right mats for your environment can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, increase workplace safety and improve overall employee wellbeing. Anti fatigue mats should be installed in any workplace where workers stand for extensive time periods, this could include industrial workstations to hotel reception desks.

It can be a bit overwhelming deciding which type of anti fatigue matting to select for yours or your customer’s workplace. Some of your first considerations should include:

  1. Will the matting be used in a wet or dry area?
  2. Does the matting need to cover a large working environment or fixed workstations?
  3. Is the environment exposed to any liquids, such as chemicals/oils/grease?
  4. Are ramped edges required?

In general, it can be said that a closed industrial mat is suitable for dry workplaces, while an “open” workstation mat provides the necessary drainage for workplaces where oils, water or other liquids are used. We offer a wide range of different anti-fatigue mats, so that the right mat can be found for every work environment.

Things to consider when selecting anti-fatigue matting:

  • Will trucks and trolleys be used on or around the matting?
  • Do you require matting on a roll, individual mats or interlocking tiles?
  • Will the matting come into contact with chemicals or other liquids?
  • Try out our MatBrain workplace matting selection tool to quickly search through more than 100 matting solutions based on the specific requirements of yours, or your customer’s workplace.

To support you we’ve produced the Mats in Mind app enabling you to quickly search through over 100 matting solutions, and narrow down the perfect matting for a specific environment.

Many of the mats in this range also act as anti slip mats; increasing standing comfort and reducing the risks of slips and trips. Selecting the right anti fatigue matting for your environment is important.

Where are Anti Fatigue Mats Used?

Anti-fatigue mats are commonly used where people stand for prolonged periods of time. In industries where workers can be stationary for many hours, such as manufacturing, engineering and retail, anti-fatigue mats provide relief to the body, including the stimulating better blood circulation. Many office spaces now also feature sit-stand desks to allow workers to change body position throughout the day, and anti-fatigue mats provide relief here too.

Fatigue can be brought on by many factors, and a lack of movement combined with standing and walking on cold concrete floor makes individuals more susceptible to tiredness, stress and MSD’s (Musculoskeletal Disorder).

We have a wide range of anti-fatigue mats available that would suit your specific conditions and needs. Hotter (Beaconsfield Footwear Ltd) chose the Orthomat Safety Mat for their manufacturing facility. This has assisted their employees with comfort and has a yellow edging to avoid a tripping hazard. Fira Studio also invested in anti-fatigue mats for their workshop. Fira Studio is using the high-performance Orthmat Premium to support its employees in their craft.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll be able to assist you with the correct anti-fatigue mat.

Are anti-fatigue mats required by law?

Currently, in England and Wales, there is no legal obligation for employers to provide anti-fatigue mats to their employees. However, many companies would benefit from introducing them, and many companies have reported the benefits of introducing them. Prolonged standing on hard floors can reduce employee morale and well-being, as fatigue and discomfort kick in, often resulting in pains in the back and legs. This can lead to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s).

If you’re still not convinced this is a serious issue, why not give it a try? Set yourself the challenge of standing at your desk for a full day, without an anti-fatigue mat, and see how long it takes before it becomes a distraction. This is what millions of workers across Europe have to endure, week in, week out.

Sometimes things don’t need to be a law, but are simply ethical and show that you care for your employees. We trust that this is enough to convince you to not overlook this very serious issue in your workplace – if not, please contact us for a free consultation or a free sample.

How much do anti-fatigue mats cost?

The cost depends on the type of environment that requires the mats and the quality selected. Investment in anti-fatigue matting is worthwhile, due to the reduction in absenteeism, sick leave and the increase in employee wellbeing and productivity.

How do you clean anti-fatigue mats?

To remove grease or oil from the surface of the anti-fatigue mat, use hot water and mild soap, detergent, or degreaser. Water shouldn’t be any warmer than 60°C or any cooler than 49°C.

However, each mat is unique and might require following the cleaning and maintenance care guide. For example, our Alba anti-fatigue mat would have a different cleaning method than the general cleaning guide of most anti-fatigue mats as it has a cutpile carpet surface.

How often should anti fatigue mats be replaced? / How long do anti fatigue mats last?

When a mat needs to be replaced with depend on their material, thickness, but most importantly, how often they are used and in what environment. There is no general rule of thumb for how long anti-fatigue mats will last. On average, mats can remain effective for several years or more —but in high footfall areas or workstations where there is lots of movement this may be less. Swapping mats between in your high and low use areas can assist with extending their lifespan.

Is fatigue matting resistant to chemicals?

Yes, there are specific anti-fatigue mats made of special PVC or nitrile rubber (NBR) that are resistant to oils and chemicals. Please contact our team to inquire about specific resistances.

Is anti-fatigue matting available by the meter?

Yes, a number of our mats are also available by the meter. Modular tile systems are recommended for special areas, as these can be adapted to almost any area. Anti fatigue flooring is also available in rolls, ideal for installation on assembly and packing stations.

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