Once a year, the Institute for Health and Ergonomics, IGR, awards the Ergonomics Innovation Prize to companies and organisations that distinguish themselves through special achievements in the field of ergonomics.

We are very pleased to announce thata COBA Europe has been awarded the Ergonomics Innovation Award 2021 by the IGR.

What is the Ergonomics Innovation Award?

For the third time, the IGR has awarded this prize to companies that stand out through specific concepts, measures and products in health promotion and prevention in the workplace. The functionality and durability of the products as well as the efficiency in relation to the occupational and personal health of employees are at the forefront of the evaluation criteria.

What is the IGR?

In 2018, the ‘Interessengemeinschaft der Rückenschullehrer/-innen e. V.’ became the ‘Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie e. V.’ (Institute for Health and Ergonomics), a network of doctors, physiotherapists, scientists and occupational health management staff who are jointly committed to promoting occupational health.

What distinguishes COBA Europe to be a laureate of the Ergonomics Innovation Award?

COBA Europe receives the Ergonomics Innovation Award 2021

COBA Europe is an innovation driver in the fight against MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) at standing workplaces with the continuous development of products such as anti-fatigue mats. COBA Europe also collaborates with institutions such as the Technical University of Berlin and Loughborough University to determine the stresses on employees in standing workplaces and how ergonomic workplace mats can contribute to prevention. 

These collaborations have contributed to the creation of the free e-book #StandUpForHealth.

We are honoured to be awarded the Ergonomics Innovation Prize 2021 by the IGR and look forward to continuing to contribute with our work and our products to the prevention of MSDs and thus to better health in the workplace.

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