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We have one of the widest ranges of indoor door mats and outdoor entrance mats, they are an essential for every entrance. You’ll also find heavy duty entrance mats and bespoke entrance mats. There is something for every entrance area. Our Facilities Management Brochure is the most comprehensive to date, it offers a collection of floor level safety and hygiene products.

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COBA Europe Entrance Mats

Our range offers the ideal entrance mat for you based on your individual requirements. Each entry mat has its own unique features and benefits, they are all designed to capture dirt and moisture from footwear and wheeled traffic effectively.

Entrance mats are available in different colours and sizes to complement any internal or external entrance areas. We offer needs-based solutions for industry, companies and retail. This includes hotel entrance mats and entrance mats for schools. Hotels and schools often opt for logo entrance mats, featuring branding and specific colours, find out more about our logomat options. There is also the option to design your own entrance mat with our Logomat Designer tool, the options are almost limitless!

For busy entrance areas with high footfall, we would recommend an entrance matting system, that provides additional support to prevent slips and to keep internal floor coverings clean.

Entrance Mat FAQs

Why do I need an entrance mat?

Entrance mats are essential for removing dirt, moisture and debris from footwear and wheeled traffic. The addition of and entry mat prevents contamination of internal floor coverings and reduces the risk of slip accidents. A well-chosen and designed mat will complement your entrance, creating a positive first impression for visitors, customers and employees.

The right door entrance mat ensures that dirt does not enter buildings, but which one should you choose? The range of commercial door mats is immense, there are many entrance mat material options, mat sizes and colours available. That is why as an entrance mat manufacturer, we have put together the most important information for you to find the perfect mat for your entrance.

How do entrance mats work?

Entrance mats work hard to wipe dirt and moisture off footwear and wheeled traffic with a rough surface. The fine bristles on the mats not only wipe off dirt, but they also build up static charge, which then attracts and holds the dirt like a magnet. How effective this action is depends on the material of the entry mat.

What different types of entrance mats are available?

There are lots of different types of entrance mats, they are often categorised into two criteria based on whether they are for indoor or exterior use. These two types of doormats are manufactured from different materials to suit their purpose. Mats for outdoor use will often be made from waterproof materials to cope with the weather and to scrape large debris from footwear. Internal door mats are usually made from an absorbent fibre to wipe remaining moisture and dirt.

What are the best outdoor entrance mats?

The best outdoor entrance mats must be robust and durable, withstand the weather conditions of each season and yet be easy to clean. Outdoor mats are often manufactured from rubber or PVC. Once inside, indoor entrance mats should then remove the remaining dirt. A combination of both solutions is therefore recommended.

What are the benefits of rubber entrance mats?

Rubber entrance mats are ideal for outdoor use, they are inexpensive and effective at removing large amounts of dirt and debris. These types of mats tend to have holes, this structure ensures a high absorption capacity, good drainage, high stability and durability of the mat.

What types of exterior entrance mats are available?

There are many different exterior mats available, from rubber entrance mats to PVC entrance mats. Entramat is one of our popular PVC outdoor entrance mats, key features include an open surface structure that ensures good dirt absorption, and the material makes it particularly suitable for highly traffic entrance areas.

Another exterior entrance mat option is one manufactured from a fibre material. These are only sometimes suitable for outdoor use and are mostly used in covered outdoor entrances.

How are indoor door mats different?

Indoor door mats are quite different to outdoor mats, there are more options when it comes to materials, colours and designs available. Door mats don’t have to be just functional, they can look great too and compliment your entrance décor. The purpose of indoor entrance mats is to absorb, wipe dirt and moisture so that contaminants are not transferred to internal floor coverings.

Which materials are used for indoor door entrance mats?

Many different materials are used to manufacture interior entrance mats, each material has different properties and also gives the mat its own characteristics. Popular door mat materials include; coconut fibre, cotton, microfibre, nylon and polypropylene, among many others. We’ve created a dedicated guide about entrance mat and entrance matting materials and their properties ‘The material world of entrance matting’.

Do you offer bespoke entrance mats?

Yes, we’re able to offer bespoke entrance mats as a manufacturer. Whether you want your company logo in a permanent entrance mat or on an advertising mat for trade fairs or product launches. Advertising mats offer an excellent opportunity to promote your own brand. With our bespoke options we can also produce bespoke shapes, sizes and also Pantone colour match. We have solutions for every requirement in our logo mats category.

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