Our range of PVC Strip Curtains includes everything from clear strip curtains to curtains designed for welding areas. Try out the PVC Strip Curtains Calculator, it makes buying industrial curtains for doors, welding, fridges and other areas much faster and simpler.

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Features of PVC Strip Curtains

Thermal Insulation

Our flexible PVC strip curtains offer good thermal insulation, they are waterproof and airtight. Their low thermal conductivity reduces energy costs, by conserving heating and cooling resources and increasing overall comfort.

Choosing the right material for your PVC strip door kit is important, especially when they are required to prevent energy loss from a building. Insulated PVC curtains are designed to keep the climate constant in frequently used doorways and loading bays.

Sound Reduction

People are exposed to different levels of noise within their workplaces. Loud working environments can cause exhaustion, distraction and stress. A noise exposure of > 80db over 8 hours / day represents an acute health hazard according to EU Directive 2003/10 / EC.

Our soft and flexible PVC strips are efficient sound absorbers and noise insulators. The curtain strips are ideal for protecting workers from too much noise. In workshops and production areas, a PVC strip curtain is often used as a room divider or protective wall to reduce the noise level.

UV Stabilised

Plastic strip curtains are exposed to a wide variety of environmental influences, depending on their use. Ultra-violet light can break down the polymer chemical bonds and damage the PVC strips. Loss of colour, cracking and degrading of essential properties are the consequences.

A UV stabiliser is added to the PVC of our curtain strips during manufacturing,  protecting the material from degrading. This process helps to maintain the transparency and performance of each curtain strip.

Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains

Flexibility – 3 ways to order curtain strips

  1. Complete PVC strip door kits – Made to measure, priced per m2.
  2. Rolls – Full 50m rolls of PVC strips.
  3. Strips – Replacement PVC strips priced per linear metre complete with a fitted hanger.

Ease of Installation

Full strip curtain door kits are easy to fit and come complete with instructions.

When you order PVC strips by the metre hangers are included. So, you don’t have the hassle of attaching them yourself, making repairs a straight forward and cost-effective process.

Cost Savings

Being able to order individual replacement PVC strips with fitted hangers / curtain frames means reduced maintenance costs and a reduced risk of damage during fitting.

Order a full PVC strip door kit specified to your requirements to reduce wastage.

ribbed pvc strip curtain
clear pvc strip curtain
ribbed pvc strip curtain
clear pvc strip curtain

Technical Specification

Cadmium Free

Abrasion Resistant

Silicone Free

High Quality PVC

Chemical Resistant

-40ºC to +50ºC

REACH Compliant

Welding Strip EN 1598

PVC Strip Curtain Case Studies

PVC Strip Curtain FAQs

Why should I install PVC strip curtains?

There are many advantages created by using PVC strip curtains:

  • Time saving, compared to door or gate solutions in logistics.
  • Productivity is increased.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Protection from the entry of birds and insects.
  • Safe working environment.
  • Positive contribution to the working environment.
  • Easily passable for people, forklifts and animals etc.
  • Reduces moisture problems.
  • The spread of odours is reduced.
  • The ability to separate rooms is easy to implement.
  • PVC strip door kit assembly, maintenance and renewal are easy.

Where can PVC strip curtains be used?

PVC strip curtain kits can be used in many industries:

  • Industrial environments
  • Food processing
  • Cold stores
  • Livestock farming
  • Horse boxes and stable
  • Production halls and workshops
  • Welding workplaces
  • Gastronomy
  • Warehouses

How do I calculate a PVC strip door kit?

Quite simply and in a few steps with our PVC strip curtain kit calculator tool.

All you need are:

  • Height of the area
  • Width of the area
  • How much overlap each curtain strip should have
  • The desired PVC strip width
  • The material you require

Are PVC curtain strips made to measure or on rolls?

You can have your PVC strip curtains cut to size, or you can order the strips by the meter, or by the roll. The strip curtains are supplied with a hanging rail / curtain frame as a complete PVC strip door kit.

Why are PVC strip door curtains important?

PVC Strip Curtains are used for creating internal and external thermal partitions, as a barrier against fumes, dust or flying insects, birds etc. This range includes a high temperature strip curtain option, specifically developed for creating welding bay curtains. Our welding curtain meets specification EN1598 and can cope with temperatures -15ºC to +50ºC.

What are the advantages of PVC industrial strip curtains?

There are many advantages created by installing PVC curtain strips, such as noise reduction and temperature management to reduce heating bills. Industrial plastic curtains are ideal for demanding conditions, and for entrances where forklift trucks pass.

Our range of PVC Strip Curtains are made from high quality, low toxic, Cadmium free PVC material offering extremely good clarity and consistency of colour and dimensional tolerances.

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