Matting and the Environment

It may be cliché to state, but the environment has never been such a hot topic. COBA Europe aspires to continually improve its products and processes to reduce its impact on the planet. And like many products in our lives, floor mats rely on modern materials to give them the best beneficial characteristics.

Here at COBA, we want to find ways where the risks of slips or fatigue in a workplace can be eliminated to cause the least harm to the environment.

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Reducing energy use

COBA carbon-offsets all the gas used at its main facility in Warwickshire, which recently totalled 9.13 tonnes over a four-month period. The building also features solar panelling on its roof to produce more clean energy and to further reduce the organisation’s dependence on the grid



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Eco-friendly packaging

Yes, our packaging is eco-friendly! We are pleased to announce that all our cardboard and plastic packaging is now 100% recyclable. So, whenever you receive a product from us, you can recycle the packaging that it arrives in. You can read more about this here.

Unlocking Ethical Excellence with Sedex Membership

As a forward-thinking company dedicated to responsible business practices, we’ve proudly partnered with Sedex, a global leader in ethical trade services. Sedex supports our responsible sourcing initiatives while fostering positive changes within our supply chain.

Sedex provides invaluable tools, services, and a collaborative network that enable us to meet social and environmental standards while ensuring the well-being of workers worldwide. With over 55,000 members spanning 180 countries and 35 diverse industries, Sedex facilitates a collective effort toward ethical sourcing and sustainable business practices.

Our commitment with Sedex reflects our dedication to being a responsible brand. Together, we strive to create a supply chain where every individual’s well-being is prioritised, and ethical standards are consistently met.

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Research and development

COBA continually reassesses its products and its processes to find ways of reducing its overall environmental impact to make it a more sustainable business, and we’re excited about what the future holds.

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View our sustainability range

We have a wide range of products that contain recycled content or can be recycled easily. Learn more about these products and invest in a greener future.

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