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Regenerating means restoring, renewing, or replenishing. Reclaimed PVC is a material made from scrap or waste PVC by a softening and plasticising process; it is designed to replace or supplement new PVC in the manufacture of PVC products. We are proud to be launching a new range of products made from recycled material, which is harnessed from post-industrial waste.

What is post-industrial waste?

Post-industrial waste is a by-product of a manufacturing process which would generally be disposed of and wasted. This PVC by-product is now being captured and regenerated to create a new product which allows us to improve our environmental impact and reduce waste.

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How do I know a product is part of the ReGen range?

Look out for the new ReGen logo on the back of your mat! We are launching this initiative with two new products – Deckplate ReGen 70 and Orthomat ReGen 100.


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The difference between ReGen 100 and ReGen 70

The difference between them is the percentage of regenerated material used. Deckplate ReGen 70 is made with 70% regenerated material, and Orthomat® ReGen 100 consists of 100% regenerated material!

To see the percentage of regenerated content used view our product and check out the parts tab or technical specification tab. This will give you an idea of the percentage of regenerated material used.

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Learn more about what we do to invest in a greener future at our company. COBA Europe aspires to continually improve its products and processes to reduce its impact on the planet.


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