Your brand is important. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a dentist or a retail shop, reinforcing your brand with the customer wherever possible is likely to improve repeat custom and increase brand awareness. A lot of work and years of persistence can sometimes go into building the reputation of a business identity, however are you maximising your brand’s potential?

Displaying your logo at the front door of your business has got to be the easiest way to remind people where they are why. The good news is that this is fairly simple and cost-effective to achieve. Logo printed entrance mats have been around for some time now, but the manufacturing processes are now good enough to present your logo very accurately onto a durable quality door mat.

PathMaster Logo is an aluminium entrance matting system from COBA Europe that is more flexible than most aluminium systems because it is available in flexible rolls that can be butted together to cover any sized area. This logo mat can be used for areas where there is a recess well or equally there is a surface mounted version to be laid onto carpet, tiles or any hard floor.