You can trust COBA Guard to protect

By on September 17, 2010

COBA Guard is now a reliable name in floor protection. The COBA Guard range of carpet protector and hard floor protector films is used many industries to ensure new or existing flooring is not damaged by footprints or debris.

COBA Guard film is flame retardant meaning it adheres to building regulations and can be used in any building environment. It also features an adhesive that leaves no residue, further protecting your new floor from damage. The carpet protector version is 90 microns thick, whereas the hard floor version is 50 microns thick.

Get that floor protector down quickly and easily with the durable COBA Guard applicator. There are two variants for different width rolls, there is a 0.6m and a 1.2m wide applicator respectively.

Secure brand new carpets and rugs from damage because of paint and building debris. Stop paint splatters ruining a new wool carpet or designer carpet tiles.Trust COBA Guard to protect your floor!