Tough-Lock ESD

Interlocking electrostatic dissipative floor tiles

  • The resilient PVC material is suitable for both heavy and light industrial use, including withstanding the weight of most forklift trucks.
  • ESD properties help protect personnel and components.
  • Meets or exceeds BS EN 61340-5-1 Edition 2 2016-05 resistance requirements.
  • Tiles are easy to install, with a simple interlocking system.
  • Textured surface.
  • We can incorporate almost any logo or symbol into your Tough-Lock floor to create a permanent and highly visual message. Logo tiles are cut by CNC water jet for precision.
  • Bevelled edging is available to add that finishing touch.
  • Surface Resistance: 2.2 x 10⁴ Ω /m2 – 3 x 10⁶ Ω.
  • Resistance to a groundable point: 2.9 x 10⁴ Ω – 5.7 x 10⁵ Ω. 

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Part NumberTLS Size0.5 m x 0.5 m x 7 mm DescriptionTextured ColourGrey Weight2.25 Price Request Request Price

Tough-Lock ESD floor tiles – the floor covering with ESD protection

The ESD floor covering, Tough-Lock ESD, is a very durable, electrostatically dissipative floor covering system, in puzzle tile format. For all applications where a simple ESD mat is not sufficient.

Where can the ESD floor covering be used?

The ESD floor tiles are designed for use in areas where components need to be protected from the risk of electrostatic discharge. This includes areas with assembly lines, for electronic components or facilities, where flammable or explosive materials are worked with. Typical examples are production facilities for electrical components or clean rooms.

How durable are the ESD floor tiles?

The tiles are made of highly durable PVC and are ideal for creating a robust ESD floor covering. The ESD floor tiles can withstand the weight of pallet trucks and most forklifts, making them suitable for industrial use.

How is the ESD floor covering installed?

The conductive ESD floor tiles are constructed as an interlocking system and can therefore be installed easily and seamlessly. The installation of an ESD floor covering is simple and easy to adapt to the required floor area.

You can find an exact installation guide here.

ESD floor tiles with logo

By printing on the ESD floor tiles, surfaces can be clearly marked as ESD floor coverings. Your company logo or a message of your choice can also be applied to the tiles.

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