Solid Fatigue-Step Anti Fatigue Mat

Fatigue relief for large and oil prone shop floors

  • Tiles link together to provide a very comfortable anti-fatigue surface.
  • Can withstand temperatures of up to 160ºC and spillage of molten glass.
  • Individual tiles can be moved and replaced with ease.
  • Fully slip tested – see datasheet for details.
  • Main tiles available in two options:-
  • Standard
  • Nitrile / B1
  • Nitrile option has excellent resistance to oils, chemicals and grease.
  • B1 version tested to BS EN 13501 – see datasheet for details.
  • Optional ramped edging in yellow or black.
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Part Number Size Colour Weight Price Request
ST010001 0.9 m x 0.9 m Black 11.15 kg
ST010001B1 0.9 m x 0.9 m B1 Nitrile 8.00 kg
SS010002F Female Corner Edge Black 1.00 kg
SS070002F Female Corner Edge Yellow 1.00 kg
SS010002M Male Corner Edge Black 1.30 kg
SS070002F Female Corner Edge Yellow 1.00 kg
SS010002FN Female Corner Edge Nitrile Black 1.00 kg
SS070002FN Female Corner Edge Nitrile Yellow 1.00 kg
SS010002MN Male Corner Edge Nitrile Black 1.00 kg
SS070002MN Male Corner Edge Nitrile Yellow 1.30 kg
SS070002B1F Female Corner Edge B1 Yellow 1.00 kg
SS070002B1M Male Corner Edge B1 Yellow 1.30 kg
SS010002B1F Female Corner Edge B1 Black 1.00 kg

Technical Specification

Material Standard - Natural rubber with 25% NBR. Nitrile version - 100% NBR.
Surface Finish Solid textured
Product Height 18 mm
Operating Temperature -20°C to +130°C
Resistance to Chemicals Standard version offers limited resistance to chemicals and oils. Nitrile version offers excellent resistance to oils and chemicals.
Environmental Resistance Suitable for wet and dry environments. Will withstand welding splatter and spillages of other hot materials.
UV Resistance Yes
Typical Applications General industrial
Installation Method Loose lay interlocking tiles
Accessories Bevelled corner edges
Cleaning Method Use of hard detergents not recommended
Fire Tested to B1 version: BS EN 13501-1 Class Bfl - s1
Country of Origin India
Storage and application Store at room temperature, free from deformations.
Tensile Strength 3.5 to 4 MPa
Notes Silicone is used in the production process of the mats and a residue will possibly be left on the mat
Slip Tested to DIN 51130 - R10

Our interlocking anti fatigue tiles are available in two different options; a blend of natural rubber and nitrile and a 100% nitrile version. The 100% nitrile option is ideal for locations which are exposed to oils, chemicals or grease. Each of the interlocking anti fatigue tiles links together easily to provide a very comfortable anti fatigue surface. The tiles are suitable for demanding environments, they can withstand temperatures of up to 160ºC and spillage of molten glass and conform to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10. There is the option to choose yellow or black bevelled edging. See our full range of Anti Fatigue Mats.