SafeScreen Pro

Protect service staff and customers from airborne contamination

  • Simple to assemble and quick to install, no measuring required.
  • Ideal for use in cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, and more.
  • Provides an effective yet simple barrier against germs spread by talking, coughing, or sneezing.
  • Clear plastic allows servers to communicate and minimises disruption for customers.
  • Flexible – shields can be positioned to suit bars and counters of different shapes and sizes.
  • An economical covid-19 solution manufactured in the UK.
  • Strong magnetic fixings combined with self-adhesive pads provide stability and reliability.
  • Screens are 100% recyclable.

  • Parts
  • Technical Specification
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  • Installation Guides


Part Number Size Colour Weight (kg) Price Request
SSP000001 650mm high x 850mm length (Front Small) Clear 1.3 kg Request Price
SSP000002 850mm high x 1800mm length (Front Medium) Clear 1.42 kg Request Price
SSP000003 850mm high x 1800mm length (L-Shape Medium) Clear 1.92 kg Request Price
SSP000004 850mm high x 2600mm length (L-Shape Large) Clear 2.06 kg Request Price
SSP000005 850mm high x 1800mm length (U-Shape Medium) Clear 2.42 kg Request Price
SSP000006 850mm high x 2600mm length (U-Shape Large) Clear 2.56 kg Request Price
SSP000007 850mm high x 850mm length (SafeScreen Pro Service Screen) Clear Request Price

Technical Specification

Film PET 160 micron
Film end strip Self adhesive strip
Posts Aluminium
End cap Plastic
Adhesive disc 3M™ VHB™ Tape - 60mm diameter, 0.6mm thick
Magnet 66mm diameter x 10mm thick x 8mm hole Ferrite Pot Magnet - 39kg Pull
Metal disc 66mm diameter steel plated disc x 2 mm thick
Magnet spacer disc 66mm diameter x 2 mm thick spacer disc
Bolt M8 x 50mm long steel bzp hex socket cap screws (partial thread)
Wipe (included) 3M™ VBH™ surface cleaner sachet

Installation Guides

Hygiene sneeze guard for Hospitality and Catering

With SafeScreen Pro we offer you a hygienic protection screen that is highly efficient at blocking airborne particles at cafe counters, restaurants, hotel receptions, and more.

More flexible than Perspex

Unlike plexiglass sneeze guards, SafeScreen Pro can be resized to fit the size of the counter or desk. This flexibility makes it possible to equip different workplaces with a sneeze guard with just one product, without the need for laborious and time-consuming measurement of each individual workplace.

Easy installation without drilling or screwing

Many plastic security screen applications that are used as sneeze and spit protection to contain the transmission of germs and viruses have to be bolted due to the weight. This means additional work and therefore costs and also causes permanent damage to furniture.

With SafeScreen Pro these disadvantages are eliminated. Easy installation, with self-adhesive foot brackets on which the aluminium frames are held in place with extra strong magnets, means less time is needed, no drilling or screwing into the counter or desk.