ESD Rubber Bench Mat ESD Mat

Economical ESD work bench mat

  • Rubber ESD bench mat fitted with 10 mm male stud.
  • Solder iron resistant and low reflecting surface, ideal for working with electrical components.
  • Easy to clean smooth surface.
  • Conforms to IEC 61340-5-1.
  • Point to point resistance (Rp-p): 1.2 x 10⁴ Ω
  • Resistance to a groundable point (Rgp): 1.4 x 10⁴ Ω
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Part NumberESDB010005 Size0.6 m x 1.2 m x 2 mm ColourBlack Weight2.25 Price Request Request Price

Our ESD bench mat is manufactured from rubber and has been specially designed to be used as a work surface bench mat. One of the key features includes solder iron resistance. The mat is easy to clean and has low reflecting qualities, making this product ideal for use as bench matting. ESD bench mat also comes supplied with a 10mm stud.

When do you need an ESD Bench Mat?

ESD products offer protection from electrostatic discharge. ESD workbench mats are essential for many environments and are effective at protecting human operatives and sensitive components from static electricity.

We stock ESD matting options suitable for use on the floor and for workbenches, see our full range of ESD Matting & Accessories. We also have a useful blog which explains ‘Some Basic Facts about ESD Matting’.

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