Extremely tough rubber matting

  • The ideal choice for demanding conditions such as icy, snow prone locations.
  • Provides excellent slip resistance – conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10.
  • Large holes allow debris to fall through the mat.
  • The raised pattern scrapes dirt and debris from footwear.
  • Available in Honeycomb and Octomat designs.
  • Octomat gives the option of brush inserts for enhanced scraping.
  • Optional B1 fire tested mats are available.
  • 1. Connectors available to link matting for larger area coverage.
  • Material: rubber.
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Part NumberSizeColourWeight
RM0100120.4m 0.6m (17mm)Black2.10 kg
RM0100031m x 1.5mBlack15.00 kg
RM0100110.4m 0.6m (23mm)Black1.80 kg
RM0100060.6m x 0.8mBlack3.60 kg
RM0100010.8m x 1.2mBlack7.20 kg
RM0100021m x 1.5mBlack14.00 kg
RM0100090.6m x 0.8mBlack6.00 kg
RM0100130.5m x 1mBlack7.5 kg
RM010004ConnectorBlack0.01 kg
RM010001BRingmat BrushesBlack0.01 kg
RM070001BRingmat BrushesYellow0.01 kg
RM020001BRingmat BrushesBlue0.01 kg
RM040001BRingmat BrushesGreen0.01 kg
RM060001BRingmat BrushesGrey0.01 kg
RM030001BBrushesRed0.01 kg

Technical Specification

Surface FinishOctagonal/Honeycomb pattern surface with holes
Product Height23mm
Product Weight12Kg/m2
Operating Temperature-20°C to +160°C
Environmental ResistanceIdeal for both indoor and outdoor applications
UV ResistanceYes
Typical ApplicationsEntrance areas, behind bars and ski areas
Installation MethodLoose lay
Cleaning MethodWet/Dry vacuum or simply wash down with hose
Product PerformanceConforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10
Country of OriginIndia