Orthomat® Ribbed

Fatigue Rating
Wear Rating
Fire Tested
Suitable for Dry Environments
  • Single layer foam anti-fatigue workplace mat with ribbed surface.
  • Ideal for light to medium use in dry environments.
  • Safety version avaialble with bright yellow borders.
  • Insulates against cold concrete floors.
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Part NumberSizeColourWeight
AL0100010.6m x 0.9mBlack1.50 kg
AL0100020.9m x 1.5mBlack3.00 kg
AL0100030.9m x 18.3mBlack38.00 kg
AL010003C0.9m x per linear metreBlack2.00 kg
AL0100041.2m x 18.3mBlack51.00 kg
AL010004C1.2m x per linear metreBlack4.00 kg
AL0100060.6m x 18.3mBlack31.00 kg
AL010006C0.6m x per linear metreBlack1.70 kg
AL0600010.6m x 0.9mGrey1.50 kg
AL0600020.9m x 1.5mGrey3.00 kg
AL0600030.9m x 18.3mGrey38.00 kg
AL060003C0.9m Linear mGrey2.00 kg
AL0600040.6m x 18.3mGrey25.00 kg
AL060004C0.6m Linear mGrey1.90 kg
AL0600051.2m x 18.3mGrey51.00 kg
AL060005C1.2m Linear mGrey4.00 kg
AL0600060.6m x 0.9m (x3)Grey
AL0607010.6m x 0.9mGrey/Yellow1.50 kg
AL0607020.9m x 1.5mGrey/Yellow3.00 kg
AL0607030.9m x 18.3mGrey/Yellow38.00 kg
AL060703C0.9m x lin. mGrey/Yellow2.00 kg
AL0607041.2m x 18.3mGrey/Yellow51.00 kg
AL060704C1.2m x per linear metreGrey/Yellow4.00 kg

Technical Specification

MaterialVirgin Closed Cell PVC (Foam)
Surface FinishRibbed
Product Height9mm
Size of Safety Border100mm
Operating Temperature0°C to +60°C
Environmental ResistanceSuitable for dry indoor environments
Typical ApplicationsProduction lines, assembly areas, packing stations, workbenches
Installation MethodLoose lay
Cleaning MethodBrush/Mop the top surface
Product PerformanceConforms to Slip Resistance Test DIN 51130
Flame RetardancyFire Tested to DIN 54332 (B2) part of DIN 4102
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year guarantee when used in a dry environment
Permanent Adhesive ReccomendationF44
Release Adhesive ReccomendationF41
Heavy-Duty / Wet Area Adhesive ReccomendationF74, F81, F84