Orthomat® Diamond Anti Fatigue Mat

Diamond pattern anti-fatigue mat for dry workplaces

  • Versatile single layer foam anti-fatigue mat.
  • Insulates standing workers against the effects of cold concrete floors.
  • Lightweight, so easy to transport and reposition.
  • Best suited to dry environments.
  • High visibility version available with bright yellow borders.
  • Ideal for lighter industrial use.
  • Industrial-look diamond surface pattern.
  • Available in mats and rolls.
  • Fire tested to BS EN 13501-1.
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Part Number Size Colour Weight Price Request
DAF010001 0.6 m x 0.9 m Black 1.50 kg Request Price
DAF010002 0.9 m x 1.5 m Black 3.00 kg Request Price
DAF010003 0.9 m x 18.3 m Black 38.00 kg Request Price
DAF010003C 0.9 m x per linear metre Black 2.00 kg Request Price
DAF010005 1.2 m x 18.3 m Black 51.00 kg Request Price
DAF010005C 1.2 m x per linear metre Black 4.00 kg Request Price
DAF010701 0.6 m x 0.9 m Black/Yellow 1.50 kg Request Price
DAF010702 0.9 m x 1.5 m Black/Yellow 3.00 kg Request Price
DAF010703 0.9 m x 18.3 m Black/Yellow 38.00 kg Request Price
DAF010703C 0.9 m Linear m Black/Yellow 2.00 kg Request Price
DAF010705 1.2 m x 18.3 m Black/Yellow 51.00 kg Request Price
DAF010705C 1.2 m x per linear metre Black/Yellow 4.00 kg Request Price

Technical Specification

Material Open Cell PVC (Foam)
Surface Finish Diamond pattern
Product Height 9.5 mm
Size of Safety Border 100 mm
Operating Temperature 0°C to +60°C
Environmental Resistance Suitable for dry indoor environments
Typical Applications Production lines, Assembly areas, Packing stations, Workbenches
Installation Method Loose lay
Cleaning Method Brush/mop the top surface
Fire Tested to BS EN 13501-1 Class Dfl - s1
Country of Origin China
Guarantee 1 year when used in a dry environment
Adhesive recommended by F.Ball for permanent bond F44
Tackifier recommended by F.Ball F41
Adhesive recommended by F.Ball for heavy-duty/wet areas F74, F81, F84