Novafix Double Sided Tape

High strength double sided tape ideal for Superdry Heavy Traffic

  • High performance double-sided filmic bonding tape
  • Achieve a tougher, thinner, weather resistant bond.
  • A tough polyester carrier forms the base for a very strong, high shear solvent acrylic adhesive.
  • UV, temperature and moisture stable.

Ideal for the application of floor mats. Recommended for the installation of Super Dry Heavy Traffic forklift mat.

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Part Number Size Colour Weight (kg) Price Request
DST0001 50 mm x 50 m Clear Request Price

Technical Specification

Product Height 0.215mm – 0.225mm
Min. Operating Temperature 20°C
Max. Operating Temperature +80°C
COO (Country of Origin) UK
Storage and application This product should be stored in ambient temperatures of around 20⁰C, avoiding wide temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight. The storage environment should have a relative humidity of approx. 50%. In ideal storage conditions, the shelf life for this material should be approx. 12 months from the delivery date. Within this period, no major deterioration or alteration of the products performance characteristic will occur. The values presented in this document have been determined by standard test methods and are average values that should not be used for specification purposes without conducting tests on materials to be bonded.
Notes The surfaces to be bonded should be dry, dust and grease free and thoroughly clean. Avoid touching the exposed adhesive surface of the tape as this impairs the performance. The adhesive used on these tapes are pressure sensitive, so always ensure sufficient pressure is applied to the tape evenly over the whole surface to ensure the best bonding results.
Carrier 23 Micron Transparent Polyester
Adhesive A cross-linked, solvent acrylic with very high tack. The adhesive has very good cohesive strength and the initial bond although very high, reaches an even higher ultimate bond over 12 – 24 hours.
Liner Narrow widths up to 100mm: 80µ red OPP siliconized both sides. Widths over 150mm: White 115gsm polyethylene coated paper to facilitate cutting.
Tape Thickness 0.215mm – 0.225mm (230 micron Tape and Adhesive)
Temperature resistance (short-term) -20°C to + 180°C
Initial Tack (Side A/B) (PSTC-6 #14 Ball) <5cm
Holding Power (Side A/B) (PSTC-7) >24hrs 1kg/2.5cmx2.5cm
Holding Power for temperature resistance @ 60°C: (PSTC-7) > 24 hrs. 0.5kg/2.5cmx2.5cm
Initial Tack: (Side A/B) (PSTC-6 #14 ball < 5 cm
Adhesion: (Side A/B) (PSTC-1 g/15mm >2500. OZ/0.6in >88.19. N/15mm >24.4.