Anti-dirt, anti-dust matting with unique looped design

  • Distinctive looped surface effectively catches dirt and debris from footwear and tucks it away, keeping the appearance of a smart entrance mat.
  • Easy to clean. Simply shake to release the debris and sweep.
  • Medium Backed for loose lay applications, with vinyl backing for minimum movement.
  • Also available Unbacked for recessed matwells.
  • Features a mesh underlay to prevent shrinking.

Styles Available

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Part NumberSizeColourWeight
LU020909C0.9 m x per linear metre (max. 9 m)Blue4.80 kg
LU060909C0.9 m x per linear metre (max. 9 m)Grey4.80 kg
LB060909C0.9 m x per linear metre (max. 9 m)Grey3.20 kg
LU021209C1.2 m x per linear metre (max. 9 m)Blue5.86 kg
LU061209C1.2 m x per linear metre (max. 9 m)Grey6.00 kg
LB061209C1.2 m x per linear metre (max. 9 m)Grey3.20 kg
LU0209090.9 m x 9 mBlue38.00 kg
LU0609090.9 m x 9 mGrey38.00 kg
LB0609090.9 m x 9 mGrey26.30 kg
LU0212091.2 m x 9 mBlue52.75 kg
LU0612091.2 m x 9 mGrey52.75 kg
LB0612091.2 m x 9 mGrey33.00 kg

Technical Specification

Surface Finish REMOVE
Product Height9 mm backed or 14 mm unbacked
Operating Temperature-10°C to +60°C
Environmental ResistanceSuitable for indoor and outdoor environments
Typical ApplicationsEntrance areas
Installation MethodLoose lay or inserted into a recessed well
Country of OriginChina