Logomat Entrance Mat

Make an instant impact at the point of entry

  • Customised door mat printed with your individual logos or messages.
  • Choose from up to 66 colours (maximum of 6 per logo mat).
  • Whilst also making a statement, Logomat is a real performer in trapping dirt and moisture.
  • Keeps your entrance clean while also conveying your brand.
  • Able to hold up to 2.5 litres water/ m².
  • Comes with an 11-year warranty against fading, ensuring your personalised logos and messages look great.
  • Easy to clean, with standard sizes machine washable.
  • Anti-slip backing to keep the mat in place.
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Part NumberLG000001 Size0.85 m x 1.5 m Colour Weight4 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberLG000002 Size1.15 m x 1.75 m Colour Weight6 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberLG000005 SizeSpecial size Colour Weight Price Request Request Price

Our logomats are an impressive way to welcome visitors and are loved by schools, they can be as bright or plain as needed. They are also ideal for offices, small retail shops and the leisure industry. There are 40 colours to choose from and a maximum of 6 can be used on a single logomat, each mat can be customised with your own logos and messages. They provide the perfect place to promote corporate messages and branding.

Not only do our logomats look great but are also great at trapping dirt and moisture, ensuring ensuring internal flooring is kept clean and slip free. The logomat backing is manufactured from anti-slip nitrile rubber, to help keep the mat in place.The soft carpet pile can retain up to 2.5 litres water/m2, and our standard mat sizes are machine washable.

If you’re looking for something premium and more heavy duty, have a look at our Logomat Precision option. See our full range of entrance mats.

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