HygiWell Disinfectant Foot Bath

Loose lay disinfectant floor mat, ideal to support COVID-19 protection

  • Deep ‘well’ holds liquid disinfectant for effective cleaning of footwear at entrances.
  • Made from 100% recycled REACH-compliant PVC material.
  • Specially designed flexible scrapers remove dirt and allow footwear to immerse in disinfectant.
  • Suitable for any location where hygiene is important such as farm buildings, abattoirs, and food processing factories.
  • 1.75 ltr recommended disinfectant volume.
  • We recommend the use of a standard quaternary ammonium compound type virucidal disinfectant.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • A+ BREEAM rating.
  • Ramped edges reduce the risk of tripping.



COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has become a global pandemic in 2020 and governments, businesses and members of the public are having to take unprecedented steps to protect themselves and others. Whilst many countries are now in ‘lockdown’, with socialising strictly prohibited, many industries continue to function, not least the vital sectors such as manufacturing, food production, and farming. One of the best ways to improve hygiene is to reduce germs, bacteria, and viruses walked from room to room or building to building. According to research published by the CDC, carried out in Wuhan, China, viruses in healthcare settings (including Covid-19) float to the floor and are carried on the shoes of healthcare workers, posing a high contamination risk. Disinfectant mats between areas greatly reduces the risk of contaminants spreading.

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Part Number Size Colour Weight
HYW010001 0.55 m x 0.8 m Black 3.50 kg

Technical Specification

Material 100% REACH-compliant recycled PVC
Surface finish Flexible wave pattern
Product Height 16 mm
Hardness Shore A 80
Slip Resistance R10
Weight 3.5 kg / 8.00 kg m2
Installation Method Loose lay
Disinfectant capacity 1.75 ltr
Country of Origin UK
BREEAM Rating A+
Recyclability 100% Recyclable
Construction Injection moulded