Fatigue Lock Premium Anti-Fatigue Mat

Premium mid-size interlocking anti-fatigue tile

  • This extra thick tile provides comfort and fatigue relief for standing workers.
  • Precision designed tiles seamlessly clip together for smooth raised floor surface.
  • Convenient tile size allows for easy planning.
  • Can be used to cover large or unusually shaped workstations.
  • Made from rubber for durability, slip, and impact resistance.
  • Tile option with holes is ideal for wet workplaces in need of drainage.
  • Solid and holed version can be used together in one installation.
  • Ramped edges prevent trips and are available in black or yellow.
  • Easily cleaned with a jet washer or hose.
  • Slip tested to DIN 51130.

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Part NumberFL010001 Size0.5 m x 0.5 m DescriptionWith holes ColourBlack Weight2.8 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberFLC010003 Size DescriptionCorner Edge ColourBlack Weight0.2 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberFLC070003 Size DescriptionCorner Edge ColourYellow Weight0.2 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberFLE010002F Size0.5 m x 150 mm DescriptionFemale Edge ColourBlack Weight0.65 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberFLE010002M Size0.5 m x 150 mm DescriptionMale Edge ColourBlack Weight0.65 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberFLE070002F Size0.5 m x 150 mm DescriptionFemale Edge ColourYellow Weight0.75 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberFLE070002M Size0.5 m x 150 mm DescriptionMale Edge ColourYellow Weight0.75 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberFLS010001 Size0.5 m x 0.5 m DescriptionSolid surface ColourBlack Weight2.9 Price Request Request Price

Premium anti-fatigue mat in tile format FAQs

Which type of workplace areas is this anti fatigue mat suitable for?

The modular tile format makes Fatigue Lock a versatile workplace mat. The individual tiles have a size of 50cm x 50cm, making them ideal for covering all surface areas, whether small or large, or even round corners.

What makes Fatigue Lock a premium industrial workplace mat?

The manufacturing material and the material thickness of 24mm give the anti-fatigue mat excellent ergonomic properties, while providing the user a high level of standing comfort.

Can Fatigue Lock also be used as an anti-slip mat?

Yes, due to its height and flexible material, this ergonomic workplace mat not only offers good impact resistance, but also excellent slip resistance. As an anti-slip mat, the slip resistance has been tested to DIN 51130 with R10.

Is this anti-fatigue matting resistant to oils and chemicals?

The material of this workplace mat has a nitrile (NBR) content of 25%. This gives the mat a higher resistance to oils and many chemicals.

Is this workplace mat suitable for wet and dry workplaces?

Every workplace is different, sometimes the requirements for a workplace mat change even within one working area. That is why Fatigue Lock is available in two versions. One version has a closed surface for dry environments, and the other one has holes that provide good drainage for environments where liquids are present.

Can the different versions of this anti-fatigue mat be combined?

Yes, these workplace mat tiles have been manufactured with the highest precision. This enables a seamless fit of the individual tile modules. The version with a closed surface and the one with holes can easily be combined, depending on individual requirements.

What other advantages does Fatigue Lock offer for standing workstations?

As a high-quality anti-fatigue mat, Fatigue Lock supports the health of employees and contributes to increased productivity.

The ramped edges provide increased occupational safety by preventing trip accidents. The edge strips for the workplace mat are available in black or yellow. Yellow is ideal for areas where increased visibility is required.

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