Diamond Tread Anti Fatigue Mat

Fatigue relief for welding professionals

  • Welders need relief from standing like any other professional.
  • The heavy-duty top surface is both resilient and fire tested, whilst the soft foam underlayer provides cushioning for the feet.
  • Ideal for welding bays and demanding industrial use.
  • Flame retardant top surface (tested to BS EN 13501-1) – so weld sparks aren’t an issue.
  • Loose lay – can be moved easily.
  • Bevelled edges help avoid creating a trip risk.

For more choice of industrial mats, see our range of anti-fatigue mats, anti-slip mats and workplace mats.

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Part NumberDTB010001 Size0.6 m x 0.9 m ColourBlack Weight3.7 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberDTB010002 Size0.9 m x 1.5 m ColourBlack Weight9.32 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberDTB010003 Size0.9 m x 18.3 m ColourBlack Weight113 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberDTB010003C Size0.9 m x per linear metre ColourBlack Weight6.5 Price Request Request Price

Our anti-fatigue welding mats have been specially designed to exceed expectations in demanding industrial working environments. Diamond Tread is the go to choice for welding bays due to being flame retardant and reassurance of fire test classification ‘Cfl-s1’.Features include a heavy duty ‘diamond tread’ top surface and ramped edges, which provide slip resistance and trip prevention. Anti-fatigue welding mats offer anti fatigue relief while providing protection from hot welding sparks. See our full range of anti fatigue mats.

Diamond Tread – The workplace mat for welding workstations

The Diamond Tread workplace mat is characterized by its two layers with different advantages.

Is the anti-fatigue mat for welding workstations fireproof?

The extremely durable surface is flame retardant. The ergonomic workplace mat has been tested according to DIN EN 13501.

What distinguishes the welding mat?

The diamond structure of the surface not only gives this welding mat its name, but also a high grip and thus good properties as an anti-slip mat.

What makes the workplace mat a good anti-fatigue mat?

In order to make this workplace mat suitable for the requirements of a welding workstation and still offer the ergonomic advantages of a high-quality anti-fatigue mat, the Diamond Tread industrial mat is built in two layers.

Compared to many other workplace mats, this mat combines the resistance of the robust surface with the ergonomic advantages of the softer underside.

Unlike the grippy and robust top, the softer, foamed PVC underside ensures a very pleasant standing experience and brings all the advantages that a high-quality anti-fatigue mat needs.

In which sizes is the workplace mat available?

The workstation mats are available as individual mats in various sizes or by the metre.

The right anti-fatigue mat for every workplace

The COBA Diamond Tread is the perfect workplace mat for welding workstations. We offer the right anti-fatigue mat for every workplace. Read our guide on how to find the right workplace mat for oily and wet working environments.

Anti-fatigue mats, anti-slip mats and workplace mats

COBA Europe offers a suitable workplace mat for every requirement. Take a look at our selection of anti-fatigue mats. Our friendly team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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