Multi-purpose ribbed vinyl matting for industry

Slip Rating
Wear Rating
Oil Resistant
Main Containment: Water
  • Raise workers off the ground like traditional duckboard.
  • Reduce the risk of slips by removing feet from direct contact with spilt liquids.
  • Provides a much more comfortable standing surface than concrete.
  • Textured surface provides slip resistance.
  • Flexible and lightweight – easy to move and clean.
  • Strips are welded together for strength.
  • Slip tested to DIN 51130.

Styles Available

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Part NumberSizeColourWeight
DS0106100.59 m x 10 mBlack45 kg
DS010610C0.59 m x per linear metreBlack4.5 kg
DS0110101.0 m x 10 mBlack75 kg
DS011010C1.0 m x per linear metreBlack7.5 kg
DS0112101.2 m x 10 mBlack90 kg
DS011210C1.2 m x per linear metreBlack9 kg
DS0206100.59 m x 10 mBlue45 kg
DS020610C0.59 m x per linear metreBlue4.5 kg
DS0210101.0 m x 10 mBlue75 kg
DS021010C1.0 m x per linear metreBlue7.5 kg
DS0212101.2 m x 10 mBlue90 kg
DS021210C1.2 m x per linear metreBlue9 kg
DS0306100.59 m x 10 mRed45 kg
DS030610C0.59 m x per linear metreRed4.5 kg
DS0310101.0 m x 10 mRed75 kg
DS031010C1.0 m x per linear metreRed
DS0312101.2 m x 10 mRed
DS031210C1.2 m x per linear metreRed
DS0406100.59 m x 10 mGreen
DS040610C0.59 m x per linear metreGreen
DS0410101.0 m x 10 mGreen
DS041010C1.0 m x per linear metreGreen
DS0412101.2 m x 10 mGreen
DS041210C1.2 m x per linear metreGreen
DS0606100.59 m x 10 mGrey
DS060610C0.59 m x per linear metreGrey
DS0610101.0 m x 10 mGrey
DS061010C1.0 m x per linear metreGrey
DS0612101.2 m x 10 mGrey
DS061210C1.2 m x per linear metreGrey

Technical Specification

Surface FinishCross ribbed lattice
Product Height11.5 mm ±0.5 mm
Product Weight7.5kg/m²
Operating Temperature-30°C to +60°C
Resistance to ChemicalsResistant to acid and alkali
Environmental ResistanceSuitable for wet and dry indoor environments
Typical ApplicationsGeneral industrial, Production lines, Assembly areas, Packing stations, Workbenches
Installation MethodLoose lay
Cleaning MethodBrush/mop the top surface
Country of OriginChina
Slip Tested toDIN 51130 - R10