DeckStep Industrial Matting

Multi-purpose ribbed vinyl matting for industry

Slip Rating
Wear Rating
Oil Resistant
Main Containment: Water
  • Raise workers off the ground like traditional duckboard.
  • Reduce the risk of slips by removing feet from direct contact with spilt liquids.
  • Provides a much more comfortable standing surface than concrete.
  • Textured surface provides slip resistance.
  • Flexible and lightweight – easy to move and clean.
  • Strips are welded together for strength.
  • Slip tested to DIN 51130.

Styles Available

Deckstep Workplace Matting Style Red Red
Deckstep Workplace Matting Style Grey Grey
Deckstep Workplace Matting Style Green Green
Deckstep Workplace Matting Style Blue Blue
Deckstep Workplace Matting Style Black Black
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Part NumberSizeColourWeight
DS0106100.59 m x 10 mBlack45 kg
DS010610C0.59 m x per linear metreBlack4.5 kg
DS0110101.0 m x 10 mBlack75 kg
DS011010C1.0 m x per linear metreBlack7.5 kg
DS0112101.2 m x 10 mBlack90 kg
DS011210C1.2 m x per linear metreBlack9 kg
DS0206100.59 m x 10 mBlue45 kg
DS020610C0.59 m x per linear metreBlue4.5 kg
DS0210101.0 m x 10 mBlue75 kg
DS021010C1.0 m x per linear metreBlue7.5 kg
DS0212101.2 m x 10 mBlue90 kg
DS021210C1.2 m x per linear metreBlue9 kg
DS0306100.59 m x 10 mRed45 kg
DS030610C0.59 m x per linear metreRed4.5 kg
DS0310101.0 m x 10 mRed75 kg
DS031010C1.0 m x per linear metreRed
DS0312101.2 m x 10 mRed
DS031210C1.2 m x per linear metreRed
DS0406100.59 m x 10 mGreen
DS040610C0.59 m x per linear metreGreen
DS0410101.0 m x 10 mGreen
DS041010C1.0 m x per linear metreGreen
DS0412101.2 m x 10 mGreen
DS041210C1.2 m x per linear metreGreen
DS0606100.59 m x 10 mGrey
DS060610C0.59 m x per linear metreGrey
DS0610101.0 m x 10 mGrey
DS061010C1.0 m x per linear metreGrey
DS0612101.2 m x 10 mGrey
DS061210C1.2 m x per linear metreGrey

Technical Specification

Surface FinishCross ribbed lattice
Product Height11.5 mm ±0.5 mm
Product Weight7.5kg/m²
Operating Temperature-30°C to +60°C
Resistance to ChemicalsResistant to acid and alkali
Environmental ResistanceSuitable for wet and dry indoor environments
Typical ApplicationsGeneral industrial, Production lines, Assembly areas, Packing stations, Workbenches
Installation MethodLoose lay
Cleaning MethodBrush/mop the top surface
Country of OriginChina
Slip Tested toDIN 51130 - R10