Coir Matting

Traditional ‘coconut’ dirt-scraper

  • Coir matting is a traditional natural doormat made from coconut husk fibres.
  • Coarse fibres are renowned for being used as coir door mats due to their dirt-scraping properties.
  • Coir matting is bonded to a heavy-duty PVC anti-slip backing for minimum movement.
  • Suitable for indoor use either on the floor surface or in matwells.
  • Can be printed to create logomats. Please contact us for more details.
  • Pile material: coconut husk fibres.

Styles Available

Coir Matting Natural
Coir Matting Grey
Coir Matting Black
Coir Matting Dark Brown
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Part NumberSizeColourWeight
CM05000540cm x 80cmNatural2.00 kg
CM05000650cm x 100cmNatural3.50 kg
CM05000760cm x 120cmNatural5.00 kg
CM05000840cm x 80cmNatural2.50 kg
CM05000950cm x 100cmNatural4.00 kg
CM05001060cm x 120cmNatural6.00 kg
CM0500011m x 6m x 17mmNatural42.00 kg
CM050001C1m x per linear metre x 17mmNatural7.00 kg
CM0500022m x 6m x 17mmNatural81.60 kg
CM050002C2m x per linear metre x 17mmNatural13.60 kg
CM0500031m x 6mNatural47.00 kg
CM050003C1m x per linear metreNatural8.00 kg
CM0500042m x 6mNatural105.00 kg
CM050004C2m x per linear metreNatural18.00 kg
CM0100011m x 6mBlack42.00 kg
CM010001C1m x per linear metreBlack7.00 kg
CM0100022m x 6mBlack42.00 kg
CM010002C2m x per linear metreBlack14.50 kg
CM050001DB1m x 6m x 17mmDark Brown42.00 kg
CM050001DBC1m x per linear metreDark Brown
CM050002DB2m x 6mDark Brown
CM050002DBC2m x per linear metre x 17mmDark Brown
CM0600011m x 6m x 17mmGrey
CM060001C1m x per linear metre x 17mmGrey
CM0600022m x 6m x 17mmGrey
CM060002C2m x per linear metre x 17mmGrey

Technical Specification

MaterialCoconut husk fibres (3Kg yarn per m2)
BackingAnti-Slip PVC
Surface FinishCutpile
Product Height17mm or 23mm
Environmental ResistanceIndoor use only
Installation MethodLoose lay
Country of OriginIndia
NotesColours may vary from those shown

Our coir matting range is manufactured from coconut husk fibres which effectively scrapes dirt from footwear, helping to keep internal floors clean. There are four different colour options available; natural, black, dark brown and grey. Each colour option is available in a variety of sizes, suitable for offices and commercial buildings. Bespoke sizes of coir matting can also be requested to produce individual coir door mats.

Coir matting can be installed into matwells or laid to surface with a heavy duty PVC backing. The PVC backing prevents coir matting from moving around and keeps it securely in place. We recommend installing mats indoor for optimum performance.

There is also the option to personalise your coir matting with a printed logo. A personalised mat is ideal for creating a positive first impression. See our full range of entrance mats.

Experts in Entrance Matting

Entrance matting should never be an after-thought, especially considering it’s one of the first things you see when entering a building. We’ll help you spec the right product first time, so that your entrance not only looks the part but saves time, money and waste in the long run.