COBAwash® Washable Doormat

A real asset in floor protection for domestic and commercial use

  • Easy to clean, practical and machine washable.
  • Easy care, smaller sizes* can be washed in a domestic washing machine. (All sizes can be washed in an industrial washing machine.)
  • Carpet pile can retain up to 3.5 litres/ m2 of moisture.
  • Also traps up to 800g of debris/dry dust.
  • Bleach and fade resistant – 11-year warranty against significant colour loss.

Styles Available

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Part NumberSizeColourWeight
LM0102010.6 m x 0.85 mBlack/Blue1.25 kg
LM0103010.6 m x 0.85 mBlack/Red1.25 kg
LM0105010.6 m x 0.85 mBlack/Brown1.25 kg
LM0106010.6 m x 0.85 mBlack/Steel1.25 kg
LM0102040.85 m x 1.2 mBlack/Blue2.40 kg
LM0103040.85 m x 1.2 mBlack/Red2.40 kg
LM0105040.85 m x 1.2 mBlack/Brown2.40 kg
LM0106040.85 m x 1.2 mBlack/Steel2.40 kg
LM0102020.85 m x 1.5 mBlack/Blue3.00 kg
LM0103020.85 m x 1.5 mBlack/Red3.00 kg
LM0105020.85 m x 1.5 mBlack/Brown3.00 kg
LM0106020.85 m x 1.5 mBlack/Steel3.00 kg
LM0102031.15 m x 1.75 mBlack/Blue4.75 kg
LM0103031.15 m x 1.75 mBlack/Red4.75 kg
LM0105031.15 m x 1.75 mBlack/Brown4.75 kg
LM0106031.15 m x 1.75 mBlack/Steel4.75 kg

Technical Specification

Surface FinishStraight set
Product Height8 mm
Product Weight2.3kg/ m2
Roll LengthN/A
Mat EdgeNBR 20 mm
Pile Weight0.65Kg/ m2
Operating Temperature0°C to +60°C
Resistance to ChemicalsRubber is resistant to many chemicals, alkalis, detergents and general industrial chemicals. Rubber may swell in polar solvents.
Environmental ResistanceSuitable for indoor environments
UV ResistanceNo
Typical ApplicationsEntrance areas
Installation MethodLoose lay
Cleaning Method0.6 m x 0.85 m and 0.85 m x 1.2 m can be washed in standard domestic washing machines. All other sizes can be laundered in commercial washing machines.
Country of OriginUK
Guarantee2 years against manufacturing defects. 11 year against colour loss, subject to washing instructions being adhered too.
Colour fastness to light5
Colour fastness to rubbing, wet and dry:5
Colour fastness to water5
Colour fastness to soiling5
Electrostatic charging:ISO 6356 (2012) Determination of the static electrical propensity walking test - 0.3kVolts


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