COBAtape Floor Marking Tape

Clearly define areas and hazards with floor tape

  • A self-adhesive backed vinyl floor tape to quickly mark lines on floors.
  • An ideal solution to mark out areas within factories and industrial settings.
  • Available in a number of colours, with plain and hazard striped options available to increase visibility further.

Styles Available

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Part Number Size Colour Weight Price Request
TP010002 50 mm x 33 m Black 0.35 kg
TP010702 50 mm x 33 m Black/Yellow 0.35 kg
TP020002 50 mm x 33 m Blue 0.35 kg
TP030002 50 mm x 33 m Red 0.35 kg
TP040002 50 mm x 33 m Green 0.35 kg
TP070002 50 mm x 33 m Yellow 0.35 kg
TP130002 50 mm x 33 m White 0.35 kg
TP130302 50 mm x 33 m White/Red 0.35 kg
TP130402 50 mm x 33 m White/Green 0.35 kg

Technical Specification

Material PVC with a rubber based adhesive
Operating Temperature 0°C to +80°C
Environmental Resistance Suitable for indoor environments
UV Resistance No
Country of Origin China
Storage and application 20-30°C, maximum 65% relative humidity
Tensile Strength 22 Ncm
Coating Thickness 15um
Solvent Residue <0.5%