COBAelite® ESD ESD Anti Fatigue Mat

Bubble surfaced mat to tackle fatigue in ESD sensitive areas

  • Static-dissipative anti-fatigue mat for comfort and safety.
  • Conductive buried layer neutralises static charge, protecting components.
  • Comfortable bubbled surface promotes subtle movement further reducing fatigue.
  • Grounded via a 10 mm male stud fitted to the mat.
  • Meets or exceeds IEC61340-5-1 resistance requirements.
  • Resistance to a groundable point (Rgp): 2.4 x 10⁶ Ω
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Part NumberSE010001ESD Size0.6 m x 0.9 m ColourBlack Weight2 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberSE010003ESD Size0.9 m x 1.2 m ColourBlack Weight4.5 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberSE010010ESD SizeSpecial size ColourBlack Weight Price Request Request Price