Ultra-comfortable, ultra-safe - Non Slip Drainage Mats


  • Excellent slip resistance in wet or oily areas.
  • Circular open holes rapidly ‘drain away’ liquid spillage.
  • Creates a safe and very comfortable standing surface.
  • Resilient, manufactured from hardwearing natural rubber.
  • Single mat with edging or link together with connectors.
  • Outstanding comfort for bar tenders.
  • Effective in reducing glass breakage.
  • Non slip drainage mats are the choice of many bar flairers and nightclubs.
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Part Number Size Colour Weight
DM010002 1m x 1.5m Black 16.40 kg
P240-L1093-C09 Long edge 1565mm x 50mm Black 0.95 kg
P240-L1092-C09 Short edge 1074mm x 50mm Black 0.65 kg
P240-L1092-C09-YE 1074 x 50mm Short edge Yellow 0.65 kg
P240-L1093-C09-YE 1565 x 50mm Long edge Yellow 0.95 kg
DM010003 Connector Black 0.3 kg

Technical Specification

  • Material:Natural rubber
  • Surface Finish:Circular pattern construction for extra grip and holes to allow drainage
  • Product Height:19mm
  • Operating Temperature:-20°C to +160°C
  • Resistance to Chemicals:Natural rubber offers limited resistance to chemicals and oils
  • Environmental Resistance:Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications
  • UV Resistance:Yes
  • Typical Applications:Behind bars, Industrial applications and entrance areas
  • Installation Method:Loose Lay
  • Accessories:Bevelled edge
  • Cleaning Method:Wash down with hose or pressure wash
  • Flame Retardancy:Conforms to DIN 51960 class 1
  • Country of Origin:Sri Lanka

COBAdeluxe is one of our most popular non slip drainage mats for the hospitality industry. Typical applications include bar matting, industrial applications and entrance mats. This mat is effective at reducing glass breakage, making standing more comfortable and preventing slips and trips.

Key features include open holes which allow spilled liquids to drain away quickly and slip resistance in wet and oily areas. The mats can be ordered with black or yellow safety bevelled edging. There is also the option to link single mats together with connectors to create bespoke size.

Our non slip drainage mats are manufactured from hardwearing natural rubber, which offers workers comfort while standing. Installation is simple, mats are simply laid on the floor surface, no adhesive is required.  See our full range of Workplace Matting.

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