COBAdeluxe Workplace Mat

Fatigue relief for heavy-duty workstations

  • Creates a safe and very comfortable standing surface.
  • Its thickness makes it a durable mat that can withstand impact.
  • Quickly cover large areas if used as a connecting system.
  • Made from hardwearing rubber providing longevity.
  • Excellent slip resistance in wet areas.
  • Open drainage holes for spilt liquids make it ideal for wet workplaces.
  • Available as a single mat or can be linked together with connectors for larger areas.
  • Use of optional edges is recommended to reduce the risk of trips.
  • Slip tested to DIN 51130.
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Part NumberDM010002 Size1 m x 1.5 m Description ColourBlack Weight16.4 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberDM010003 Size DescriptionConnector ColourBlack Weight0.3 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberP240-L1092-C09 Size1074 mm x 50 mm DescriptionShort edge ColourBlack Weight0.65 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberP240-L1092-C09-YE Size1074 x 50 mm DescriptionShort edge ColourYellow Weight0.65 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberP240-L1093-C09 Size1565 mm x 50 mm DescriptionLong edge ColourBlack Weight0.95 Price Request Request Price
Part NumberP240-L1093-C09-YE Size1565 x 50 mm DescriptionLong edge ColourYellow Weight0.95 Price Request Request Price

COBAdeluxe is one of our most popular non slip drainage mats for the hospitality industry. Typical applications include bar matting, industrial applications and entrance mats. This mat is effective at reducing glass breakage, making standing more comfortable and preventing slips and trips.

Key features include open holes which allow spilled liquids to drain away quickly and slip resistance in wet and oily areas. The mats can be ordered with black or yellow safety bevelled edging. There is also the option to link single mats together with connectors to create bespoke size.

Our non slip drainage mats are manufactured from hardwearing natural rubber, which offers workers comfort while standing. Installation is simple, mats are simply laid on the floor surface, no adhesive is required.  See our full range of Workplace Matting.

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