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With a commitment to both safety and environmental responsibility, our range of products is crafted using recycled materials and eco-friendly processes, ensuring minimal ecological impact without compromising on quality or performance. From anti-fatigue mats to workplace safety options, our diverse range caters to various needs across industrial, and commercial settings. With COBA Europe, you can trust durable, high-quality matting solutions that prioritise the well-being of both people and the planet.

New ReGen Product Range

Our new environmentally friendly Anti-fatigue mats are here! Take a look at our new ReGen range of anti-fatigue mats – made from recycled material to support a circular economy.

What is ReGen?



Workplace Safety Matting with Recycled Content

We have a wide range of workplace safety matting solutions that contain a percentage of recycled content. The percentage of recycled content for each product can be seen in the parts tab of the product.

Recycled Material

Anti-fatigue Mats with Recycled Content

We have a wide range of anti-fatigue mats that contain a percentage of recycled material. Quality is of utmost importance to us and even though these mats contain recycled content they provide fatigue relief. The percentage of recycled content can be found in the parts tab of each product listing.

ECONYL®️ products

ECONYL® is produced from a diverse blend of waste materials, including post-industrial and post-consumer sources such as textiles, old carpets, fishing nets, and industrial scraps. Our Premier range of entrance matting tiles features ECONYL material.

Aluminium matting

Bauxite ore is a limited resource that is used to make aluminium. By recycling aluminium, we can save natural resources by lowering the requirement for fresh bauxite extraction. Recycling aluminium is a better alternative for the environment because it uses a fraction of the energy needed for primary manufacture.

Compared to primary aluminium production, the production of aluminium from recycled material uses up to 95% less energy. A smaller carbon footprint and a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions result from these energy savings. Reusing aluminium can reduce the impact of climate change and the need for fossil fuels.

Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely, which is consistent with the circular economy’s tenets. We can establish a closed-loop system where aluminium can be recycled repeatedly and utilised for a very long time.

Entrance Mats with Recycled Content

We have a wide range of entrance matting that contains recycled content. These mats are able to effectively scape shoe soles while being an investment towards a greener future.

Leisure Mats with Recycled Content

Take a look at our mats for leisure that contain recycled content. These mats are the ideal investment for a greener future in the leisure industry. With up to 70% of recycled content, these mats still stand the test of time.

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ESD Mats with Recycled Content

Our ESD Antistatic Double Layer Sheet contains up to 15.12% recycled content. This mat is made of two layers: a conductive bottom layer made of an NBR/NR blend and a static dissipating top layer made of synthetic rubber NBR.

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esd rubber matting

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Matting and the environment

COBA Europe aims to consistently enhance its products and procedures to minimize its ecological footprint. Much like numerous items in our daily lives, floor mats depend on contemporary materials to optimize their advantageous qualities.

At COBA, we strive to identify methods to mitigate workplace slip and fatigue hazards with minimal environmental impact.

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