Within this range we’ve included social distancing floor mats for schools, colleges, universities and nurseries.

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There are specific social distancing scatter mats for primary schools and nurseries, these products have a familiar woodland theme. You’ll also find protective desk screens in this section, to protect pupils and teachers from airborne contamination.

Social distancing can be a major challenge for schools, universities, colleges and nurseries to maintain, especially for younger children.

To maintain social distancing within education establishments all environments from the classroom, playgrounds and canteen must be taken in to account. Visuals are key to help prompt to wash or sanitise hands and to keep a safe distance.

The social distancing scatter mats within this range are ideal for nurseries and primary schools, they’ve been designed to fit these environments visually. They are ideal for reading time, assemblies and can be to form socially distanced cueing. The mats do not need to be stuck to the floor like stickers, they can be easily relocated and washed, making them very versatile.

The Social distancing floor mats Schools, are available in two different designs. Both mats provide a clear visual reminding pupils to keep 2 metres apart, again these mats can be easily relocated and washed.

A key item being introduced into classrooms, canteens and lunch rooms are protective desk screens. These protective screens are easy to assemble and protect pupils and teachers from airborne contamination.


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