Our social distancing floor tapes communicate distancing rules to staff and customers to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. Quickly and safely mark lines on the floor to enforce social distancing requirements.

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Within our social distancing floor tape range there are nine different colours available. There are also two hazard striped variations available black / yellow or red / white, both of these options increase visibility of social distancing rules.

These social distancing tapes are a cost-effective way to put social distancing measures in place. From the wide range of colours available you should be able to find a colour to complement your environment.

Installation is quick and easy, simply clean the application surface prior to adhesion. You can measure out precisely where you would like the social distancing tape, enabling people to keep a safe distance apart in any location. The floor tapes are ideal for all public settings including hospitals, supermarkets, retail, offices, factories and industrial settings.

The social distancing tapes help to direct the flow of people, by directing them how far to keep apart, queue or where to walk at a safe distance from others in indoor environments.

We have expanded our range of social distancing products to help you create a COVID-19 safe environment. If you’re unsure about which products are required, get in touch for advice.

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