Orthomat Office Mat

The New Standard
in Standing
at Work

Did you know?

Public Health England recommends that we stand with light activity for at least 2 hours during our working day, building eventually to a total of 4 hours.

COBA Europe advises the use of sit-stand workstations in conjunction with standing desk mats, taking a break from sitting every 30 minutes.

We applaud you. The chances are that if you are reading this, you have already recognised that standing more can be good for your health.

Orthomat® Office is a durable ‘cushion-surface’ mat designed to make standing more comfortable. While some desk mats can be too soft, Orthomat® Office has been developed to strike the perfect balance between underfoot cushioning and essential support. We believe we have developed the ultimate desk mat for standing in comfort.

Health experts around the world are advising us to stand more, and sit less. Standing at work is important for health, but it’s vital that we do it safely and comfortably to reduce the risk of associated musculoskeletal strains and injuries. One mat could make all the difference.

Standing Desk Comfortable Mat


Comfort meets support.

Carefully designed incorporating high-density foam to provide just the right balance between cushioning and foot support for users of standing desks.

Fatigue Relief

Standing at work made smarter.

Desk floor mats helps to delay the onset of pain and tiredness otherwise experienced from standing on hard or firm floor surfaces.

Delay Muscle Pain & Tiredness
Orthmat Office Durability


Small but perfectly formed.

Handy size for ease of handling making lifting and moving an effortless task. Fits into most office workstations, ideal as desk floor mats.


The best a mat can get.

Made from Polyurethane, a resilient material renowned for its durability. Can withstand a wide range of footwear.


Innovation all round.

Features a textured underside and gentle bevelled edges to reduce trip hazards, while creating a neat ‘anti-curl’ finish that sits flush to the floor.

Why Stand?

The Science Behind Orthomat® Office

The cushioning encourages regular foot movement (even in static positions) as the feet subtly adapt to the mat’s surface, which helps circulation. This subtle movement forces the foot and calf muscles to expand and contract, which activates the Venous Pump, pushing blood back up to the heart, as happens naturally when we walk. This makes standing on Orthomat® Office more comfortable than on a hard surface. Standing in one position on hard surfaces puts extra pressure on the walls of veins making the heart work harder and causing feet to swell; conditions that can lead to pain and physical fatigue/injury. Orthomat® Office effectively helps to reduce the pressure, and ultimately the pain.

The Science Behind Standing

Standing Safely

The Facts

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are injuries or conditions affecting the movement of the human body, including both lower and upper limbs. MSDs are the most common occupational disease in the European Union. They can, in many cases, be prevented.

Over 40 million workers in Europe are affected by MSDs attributable to their work, costing some 240 billion euros per year in lost productivity. (Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.)

EU member states are set to see 50% of their population diagnosed with an MSD by 2030. (Source: Fit for Work Europe Coalition, The Work Foundation)

Technical Specification

Orthomat Office Size


50cm x 80cm