Tough Turf door mats is one of the newest products to join COBA Europe’s entrance matting collection.  We’ve had several Tough Turf door mats positioned around COBA Europe offices, and it’s been such a revelation that people can’t resist stopping to wipe their shoes on these entrance mats!  Now this can only be a good thing for any doorway, and this is one of the reasons why Tough Turf is destined to be one of COBA Europe’s best selling door mats this season.

door mats entrance matting ToughTurf

ToughTurf Door Mats at COBA Europe’s entrance

Tough Turf door mats have the abrasive texture of synthetic turf that efficiently scrapes and brushes footwear. Its resilient composition makes light work out of scraping dirt, debris, moisture and snow.  The structure of each fibre creates a capillary effect for efficient absorbency and improved dirt retention. The tough fibres quickly spring back to retain their shape – even in the harshest of climatic conditions.  This makes Tough Turf door mats an ideal outdoor scraper mat for all-year round use.

In fact, Tough Turf door mats can be green in every way.  It is manufactured from recycled polyethylene and is available in black, brown, grey and of course, green for a real ‘turf-like’ mat.  Whether this is for the home, the office, or even the golf club (who we believe will love the ‘green’ version) – as  mats go, Tough Turf promises to be a tough act to follow.

For more information on the Tough Turf entrance mats and other products please contact us!

door mats entrance matting ToughTurf

Tough turf door mats