It’s been Grand National Day today, one of the busiest days of the year for bookmakers as many of us decided to have that once-a-year flutter.   One firm favourite for all horses that is a regular winner, is the ultra-comfortable rubber stable mats from COBA.

Rubber stablemats provide a cushioned floor surface for horses and for many years have been the choice of equestrian professionals.  Today, stable mats are equally as popular with recreational riders who simply want to reduce their bedding costs as well as time spent mucking out.

Stable matting can also help to reduce dust, ideal for those horses that suffer from dust allergies and respiratory conditions. 

COBA’s stable mats are available in 12mm and 17mm thicknesses and are manufactured from 100% high quality non-porous rubber. 

So, our tip for horse owners today, is consider stable matting for your equine friends.  Once installed, you’ll never want to be without it.  Let’s hope today’s Grand National winner, Ballabriggs, can relax on rubber stable matting tonight.