With schools already reopen for some pupils and more due to return soon, social distancing rules will need to be followed for the safety of the children, their teachers, and the community. This is a big challenge for school staff, especially those in early years education.

Social Distancing is a big task for everyone in education

The unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in are a challenge for everyone. Even more for all those in schools and nurseries, as it is vital to communicate the importance of staying apart to children in addition to the pressures of the regular curriculum.

A lot of adults struggle with the advice given by scientists and the government and are not always sure what is the best way to deal with a situation. So how can young people be expected to understand and cope with this in order to be kept as safe as possible?

It is not only the classroom and the playground but also drop off and pick up times, lunch, and the handling of equipment has to be taken into consideration.

Washing your hands and staying apart

New routines have to be established, washing hands more often, disinfecting surfaces and children not sitting or standing as close to their friends as they might like. This is a very big ask for all young people. Smaller children may struggle to understand the seriousness of the situation, and teenagers, who by nature are more likely to test rules and boundaries.

Visualisation helps understanding and remembering

We all know the saying – A picture paints a thousand words. And it is true, particularly when it comes to remembering advice when surrounded by distractions.

This starts with easy to apply and highly visible segmentation in drop off zones and in the playground, which can be achieved by using self-adhesive tapes or line making paint to highlight spaces for different groups and distances that should be kept in different colours.

Social distancing help for little people 

Clear and easy to understand messaging is provided with our social distancing mats especially designed for schools, colleges and universities. They are easy to lay out, stay in place but can be relocated with ease. The social distancing floor mats can be machine washed to keep their appealing look and their important message visible over time, unlike than floor stickers that may deteriorate and need to be replaced after time.

For small children we have smaller mats with cute animal motives to mark areas of personal play space in nursery or classrooms.

For any questions regarding our social distancing mats for schools or any other of our products, please contact us or use our online chat, our friendly team is always there to help.