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Lights, Camera, Walk? Yes walk!

This month COBA Europe has invested in filming equipment to help promote our health and safety message across the world. Far from taking a ‘walk on the wild side’, we are taking a walk towards greater safety underfoot!anti fatigue matting

anti fatigue mattinganti fatigue atting

As the A+A exhibition draws closer, COBA Europe has planned a short looping video that aims to give visitors to our stand an idea of what matting is best suited to different environments and industries. It’s taken us a few ‘man hours’ to complete it but we believe it provides a visual snapshot of some of the many mats now available from COBA Europe and some examples of the types of industries they may be used in.

anti fatigue matting

Sounds good so far?  Then walk this way…. Throughout the exhibition there will be many stands that primarily focus on instant sales. However, we at COBA Europe have decided to take a different approach. Our primary focus is to let people know about how well specified workplace matting can reduce slip-related accidents and reduce the health risks associated with prolonged standing on hard floors.

While very often the benefits of safety matting are experienced immediately, there are many more long-term benefits to be gained over time.  A comparison of a person standing on an anti-fatigue mat with another standing on concrete can help justify the benefits of safety matting very clearly.

anti fatigue matting

So, COBA Europe’s in-house creative team has taken on the mission to let as many people know about this.  We’ve done it through video, face-to-face interaction at the exhibition and via social networking sites like Twitter [@COBAflooring] and LinkedIn [COBA Europe].  We promote how safety matting can be life changing (and sometimes life-saving) for employees. Employers have a responsibility for the safety and welfare of their employees! Who wouldn’t want a safer future? 

Here at COBA Europe, we love to talk about health and safety and now we have developed even more products.  This means we supply safety matting for almost all environments, ranging from catering and electrical to industrial sites.

anti fatigue matting

So if you want more information on which matting is best for your industry, then please get in touch. Or why not visit our stand at A+A exhibition? Details below!

anti fatigue matting