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COBA flooring on the Catwalk? London Fashion Week!

London Fashion Week

The start of London Fashion Week has got our creative juices flowing at the House of COBA flooring! Style, texture, colour, material, ready to wear fit are some of the key influencers in how our customers choose their entrance matting so it’s not a million miles away from the world of fashion.  And yes, just like those inspired designers we also know what’s ‘on-trend ‘ for entrance matting fashion A/W 2014.

Commercial interiors are certainly getting more adventurous with colour, and this theme can be enhanced with colourful entrance matting. Matting can be a solid colour, a combination of colourful stripes (as achieved with our Plan.b entrance matting) or feature a personalised logo or message.

Entrance Matting

Plan.b Entrance Matting

Plan.b entrance matting has a surface design that features tiny flexible nylon brushes.  While these brushes are super-practical in scraping dirt from those hard to reach shoe or wheel treads, they are also fabulously stylish.  The extensive colour palette includes shades such as ‘mint green’, ‘sunshine yellow’, ‘royal blue’ and ‘scarlet red’.  In fact there are 13 colour options and customers have the choice of one, or multiple colour selections.  And if they really want to be individual, they can also have their personal logo.

So if you, like many interior designers, architects and flooring contractors, are getting bored of brown and grey, then we urge you to check out our vibrant Plan.b entrance matting systems from COBA flooring.  Custom-made to order they are designed for the perfect fit, rather like having a personal tailor!

Fashion commentators may be enthralled with London Fashion Week (and quite rightly so!), but where stylish entrance matting is concerned, we believe COBA flooring can always make heads turn all year round.