Not only are the days getting shorter, they are also getting colder and wetter.  There is already much speculation as to whether the UK is going to be in the grasp of another harsh winter.  Whatever the weather, it’s a good idea to be well-prepared for adverse conditions.

Slip-related accidents, whether in the workplace, at home, or out and about in public areas, remain an alarmingly high statistic.  A simple slip can lead to a very serious injury, or in some extreme cases, even fatality.  HSE statistics state that over half of reported major injuries to employees involve a slip, trip or fall (56%) in 2012-2013.  Slips, trips and falls account for an estimated two million working days lost in Great Britain, according to the recent Labour Force Survey.

Slips and trips statistics

Figure 1 Estimated working days lost, by kind of injury 2012/13 (LFS)

Whether in the public or private sector, all measures should be taken to try to prevent such accidents to employees, visitors and suppliers, and to the general public.

GRP anti-slip products for use on walkways and steps can play a huge part in helping safety underfoot for both the general public and employees alike.  At COBA Europe, we now offer a wide choice of products in our COBAGRiP (GRP) range.  These are available as UV stabilised sheets, stair treads and stair nosing.

GRP Anti slip stair nosing

GRP Anti-slip stair nosing

Super-robust COBAGRiP has a Silicone Carbide ‘gritted’ top surface which gives all the products in our range outstanding slip-resistant properties.  It’s worth noting that they have been slip-tested to R13 in accordance with DIN 51130:2010 and Pendulum Slip Tested in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002.

GRP slip resistant Sheeting

GRP Slip-resistant Sheeting

GRP products in the flooring range can be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions, and are simply bonded or screwed to the floor surface.  We recommend Mapei Mapeflex PU45 polyurethane sealant and adhesive for use with these products.

COBAGRiP is widely used by Local Authorities for public pavements and stairways.  It is also very popular for transport terminals, such as on steps to railway platforms.  Similarly, many factories and industrial areas find installation of COBAGRiP a real benefit to underfoot safety.

Anti slip stair nosing

GRP Anti-slip stair nosing

Our range comprises: COBAGRiP Sheet in either ‘standard’ or ‘light’ duty; COBAGRiP Stair nosing and COBAGRiP Stair Tread.  The stair products are designed to help prevent slips on steps and either covers the entire step, or the edge of the step, with bright colour visibility meeting DDA requirements.

Early ordering is advisable to ensure that your environment is well prepared for the winter ahead.  Please contact the COBA Europe Sales Team for further information on our GRP products.