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‘Green’ is the Theme: But what does it mean?

‘Eco-friendly’, ‘environmentally-friendly’, ‘green’ are terms we regularly use and read about, not least in the countdown to next month’s Ecobuild exhibition. They have fast become ‘marketing’ buzzwords. But what do they actually mean and how influential are they when it comes to product specification? The broadly accepted definition is being ‘kind to the earth and creating a safe environment’. Eco-friendly can mean different things to different people.

Recycled PVC

Recycled PVC

To some eco-friendly products must be made from recycled or reclaimed materials, while to others it’s about using organic, sustainably grown or biodegradable materials that do not place such a burden on landfills. This can extend to how products are transported and their ‘carbon footprint’.


COBA Europe would love to hear your views on this subject so we’re asking ‘Do you consider eco-friendly credentials before specifying products?’ Join in our website poll and share your views.

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