LoveBullets COBAmat® Glastonbury

LoveBullets COBAmat® Glastonbury

There is nothing unusual about COBAmat® being used in all sorts of different environments. But its installation in one of the trendiest night time areas at this month’s legendary Glastonbury Festival (26-30 June) uses COBAmat® as you’ve never seen it before, thanks to a collaboration between COBA Europe and London based creative house, LOVEBULLETS.

LOVEBULLETS is renowned for its edgy fashion, art and ideology in taking traditional symbols of destruction and transforming them into innovative works of art and jewellery. LOVEBULLETS is also recognised for its long-standing relationship with the international charitable organisation, WAR CHILD, supporting children in war torn areas.

To celebrate its five year anniversary since launching its label at Glastonbury Festival in 2008, LOVEBULLETS raises the bar once again in creating a very special popup nightclub in Shangri-La, the festival’s buzzing night-time party area. It builds on Glastonbury’s Shangri-La theme for this year which is “The Afterlife: One Man’s Heaven is Another Man’s Hell”. The ‘must-see’ popup nightclub attraction, known as LBHQ, will utilize a range of COBA Europe’s flooring products, but it is the use of COBAmat® Heavy PVC matting that will form a focal point for this installation, thanks to the ingenuity of LOVEBULLETS’ Creative Director, Martin Jegede.

LoveBullets Bullet Matting

The distinctive interwoven design inherent to the COBAmat® range has been the inspiration and core material for a stunning new wall and floor textile created by Martin Jegede and his LOVEBULLETS team as he continues to innovate with bullets. The Glastonbury project alone incorporates some 1 million polished brass spent shot gun cartridges integrated into the woven strips of COBAmat® which will create an amazing golden tomb-like chamber at LBHQ.

Production of this textile has been in conjunction with the Leicester based youth outreach project – The Waterfront Boxing Academy – from which a select group is working alongside LOVEBULLETS to create the LBHQ. (The outreach project uses non-contact boxing to encourage young people to focus on discipline and personal development, to create a safer environment in their communities.)

In true LOVEBULLETS’ fashion (and with a little product support from COBA Europe) LBHQ is destined once more to be ‘the coolest place to party’ at Glastonbury. If previous years are anything to go by, then LBHQ will see more than a few of its celebrity friends looking to party at this inspiring and thought-provoking popup club that promises to epitomize the best of cutting edge fashion, art and music.

About COBA Europe

COBA Europe Ltd offers one of the largest ranges of industrial safety matting and commercial entrance mat systems. COBAmat® manufactured by COBA Europe Ltd in the UK, was the first matting of its type to be produced by the company back in the 1970’s. Since then the product range has expanded dramatically, but COBAmat’s® unique design features make it hugely popular with a wide range of sectors today, such as for use on production lines in industrial environments, around swimming pools and in changing rooms at leisure centres. COBA Europe, headquartered in Leicester with facilities in Germany, Slovakia and South Africa, continues to inspire through unrivalled choice and innovative matting designs for industrial and commercial flooring applications, working with health and safety managers, flooring contractors, facilities managers, architects and specifiers.

COBA Europe Building


LOVEBULLETS transforms traditional symbols of destruction into works of art, jewellery and fashion accessories to express an ideology of positive love overriding negative thought. The concept evolved from a fantasy story written by Creative Director, Martin Jegede whereby five LOVE ANGELS defy an evil force by ‘freezing’ his destructive weapons and electrifying them with power and beauty. Segments of the LB Story are revealed every time a new art piece is created.

This ideology first came to life at Glastonbury Festival 2008, where the first LOVETANK (a decommissioned army tank converted into a DJ booth) made an appearance at Shangri-la and hosted the first of many events to come. LOVEBULLETS has since continued to curate shows and events at festivals such as Glastonbury and Fashion.Art.Music at London Fashion Week through LBHQ installations.

LOVEBULLETS donates a percentage of the proceeds of all products sold via its website in support of the international charity WAR CHILD, which helps children in war torn areas.