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Richard Cooke (left), Richard Cockerill (centre) & Hiten Patel (right) holding the Aviva Cup

Rugby fans will be interested to know about COBA Europe’s day out with the famous Leicester Tigers.  It followed an invitation by Leicester Tigers’ Director of Rugby, Richard Cockerill to join them on a training day.  COBA Europe’s Managing Director, Richard Cooke and SEO Executive, Hiten Patel went along on a very sunny Tuesday afternoon.

The day started with a meet and greet, where many of Tigers’ players gathered to have a chat with sponsors and fellow fans, followed by a fabulous barbecue.

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Leicester Tigers players chat with fans and sponsors

Leicester Tigers training ground

Leicester Tigers training ground

What’s more, there was even a tour around the training facilities which gave a real perspective on the lengths the Tigers go to create champions.  From the training and the medical facilities, to the ground staff, it is clear to see why the team is performing exceptionally – they have now reached the finals for two years running, which is no mean feat!

Leicester Tigers Gym

Leicester Tigers Gym

Also the level of attention given to each player is immense.  They have individual care plans from nutrition to recovery from injury.  Whereas many clubs would just oversee an injury with some generic exercises for recovery, Leicester Tigers take a diverse approach with personalized regimes and GPS tracking devices (state of the art technology) to improve performance.

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Richard Cooke (left) receiving signed shirts from Richard Cockerill (right)

Unsurprisingly many aspiring young rugby players dream of being signed by Leicester Tigers Rugby Squad.  It is certainly more than training day after day.  Equally important, it’s about pacing fitness and developing strength and great physique.

The day finished with guests having the opportunity to watch the training session.  It was great to see some of the ground shaking tackles and swift movement.  Players not only showed respect for each other but also presented their skill set with amazing precision and agility. The drills weren’t easy, yet they made it look like a walk in the park.  It certainly demonstrated the level of dedication from the players and the importance of the professional coaching they receive.

Leicester Tigers Training Ground)

Leicester Tigers walking onto Training Ground

Leicester Tigers Training Ground

Tigers doing warm up drills

Overall the highlight of the day was meeting the team and finding out how down to earth and disciplined they are.  Now that’s more than a team of champions!

Leicester Tigers lifting Aviva Trophy

Leicester Tigers lifting Aviva Trophy