Maintenance shutdowns are conducted in order to perform required maintenance checks and repairs that cannot be made during the course of regular, day-to-day work hours. Maintenance shutdowns help to reduce a facilities’ downtime to ensure that things run smoothly through the year and that equipment is maintained to a high standard.

Planning for a shutdown can seem daunting, because how they are planned and handled will have an impact on the success of the facility, in the long run. We have a few tips to help you prepare for a maintenance shutdown and help to make sure things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

maintenance shutdown

Prepare and Plan Ahead of Time

What may seem like the obvious choice to make, planning ahead of time is often put on the back burner, but for a maintenance shutdown, planning ahead can be advantageous and help to make the process run smoothly throughout.

Once the shutdown is scheduled, making sure that the correct tools, parts, materials, even contractors, are booked to arrive on time can help to allow the shutdown to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Preparing staff prior to the shutdown also has its advantages. It will give all employees a chance to understand their role and responsibilities during the shutdown period and will also give you the change to gather up-to-date contact information, which could prove to be beneficial in the future.

Expect the Unexpected

Even with detailed planning and preparing, it’s important to remember that unplanned problems will arise during maintenance shutdowns and knowing to expect these issues will help you better prepare for them.

It’s important to be able to adapt to these unforeseen circumstances and adjust your project plan accordingly. You must also be aware that you may have to make decisions that can affect the budget and timing of the project, meaning that it could have an impact on the facilities shutdown time, which in turn, can have an impact on business and customers. So, it’s important to conduct research before making any critical decisions.

One way to reduce the risk of unforeseen circumstances is to issue routine maintenance throughout the year which can help you keep track of the conditions your equipment is in and keep it in good working order, while also giving you the chance to plan accordingly for the next shutdown.

Avoid Quick Fix Solutions

When coming across issues with equipment, it may be tempting to use a quick fix solution in order to get the equipment back up and running, especially if working to a tight deadline or schedule. However, in the long run, it’s better for not only the equipment, but also your business to fix the problem the right way.

It’s better to make long-term repairs even if those repairs cause delays. And it’s better to make them during a shutdown, as opposed to implementing a quick fix solution. Quick fixes usually end up needing a larger repair during regular work times, which can negatively affect your business.

Plan Ahead for Future Issues

While equipment should be monitored on a regular basis, and scheduled to have regular maintenance checks, a shutdown is an ideal opportunity to really get an in-depth look at the state and condition of your equipment.

Without equipment running and in use, it will give you the opportunity to take a closer look at the equipment and its performance capabilities. If you spot anything that may cause potential issues in the future, it’s important to make note of it and keep track of the condition of the equipment, as well as plan for future repairs in the next shutdown, if needs be.

Planning for a maintenance shutdown can be a daunting challenge, but shutdowns can and will happen in facilities. Applying these tips will help you keep on top of things and can help make sure that your facility is back up and running to its highest standard in quicker time.

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