While COBA is more widely associated as a manufacturer and supplier of industrial matting and entrance matting, the company also supplies a selection of rubber stable mats for equestrian and agricultural use.


Many horse owners have faced escalating horse bedding costs over the years as a result of a shortage of shavings and good quality straw, coupled with increased transportation charges.

Rubber stable mats help to reduce the amount of conventional bedding required in a stable, while also providing a comfortable and safe standing surface for stabled horses.

COBA’s stablemats are made from 100% non-porous rubber and have a textured top surface for added grip, while the underside has deep grooves for drainage.  In fact, the heavy duty rubber mats ‘butt’ together firmly so only a minimum of liquid can seep through.

Rubber Stable Mats are available in two thicknesses – 12mm and 17mm.