A Guide to Entrance Matting Specification

An interactive eBook on Entrance Matting Specification aimed at Specifiers and Architects

When it comes to entrance matting in the 21st century, there is so much choice available in terms of the style of system, the type of material and the design options. This makes it possible to combine style and creativity with functionality and practicality. Entrance matting is, after all, very often one of the first aesthetic features of a building that a visitor makes contact with on entry. Entrance matting should therefore become an integral part of a building’s interior design.

Aside from its appearance, well-specified entrance matting is always going to perform better when it comes to protecting interior floor coverings and enhancing safety underfoot than one that doesn’t meet the required standards. With the right care, it will also last longer too, providing best value for money.

Our handy Guide to Entrance Matting Specification explains more.

  • What is the role of entrance matting?
  • What is the cost of insufficient matting?
  • Why create matting ‘zones’?
  • What are the accessibility considerations?
  • How is BIM helping entrance matting specification?
Guide to Entrance Matting Specification
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