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Sales Director by day, Musician by Night?

COBA Flooring’s Chris Stanley features in this month’s Contract Flooring Journal (CFJ).  Our Sales Director has appeared in the popular ‘In the Dock’ feature; an amusing, light-hearted series of quick-fire questions that reveals a little more about his personality!

Chris Stanley - Sales Director

While other colleagues shied away from the publicity, Chris Stanley proved he is a good sport by ‘honestly’ answering all the questions our marketing team threw at him, courtesy of CFJ.  So, when we asked ‘if he ever got into trouble at school?’ we learn (not surprisingly) that he did! And ‘who would he most like to get stuck in a lift with?‘ – no other than Kate Moss.  That is Chris, always aiming high!

Away from the humorous questions, there are also some serious opinions about the flooring industry.  He talks openly saying that, in his opinion, there are not enough good floor industry trade shows, especially in the Midlands. (Quite topical, as the countdown to The Flooring Show in Harrogate commences this Sunday.)

We admit, there is more talk about his guitar playing than entrance matting, but we will excuse him on this occasion!

Sales Director by Day


In the Dock’ is certainly well worth a read.  It’s in the September issue of Contract Flooring Journal available now.

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