COBAGRiP® GRP Stair Tread

Silicone carbide surface helps to prevent slip accidents on stairs

  • GRP Stair Tread designed to fully cover the stair area.
  • 55mm x 55mm contrasting coloured nosing meeting DDA requirements.
  • Can be used in conjunction with COBAGRiP Sheet.

Styles Available

GRP Stair Tread White
GRP Stair Tread Yellow
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Part NumberSizeColourWeight
GRP010701S3m x 345mm x 55mBlack/Yellow6.60 kg
GRP010702S2m x 345mm x55mmBlack/Yellow4.40 kg
GRP010703S1.5m x 345mm x 55mmBlack/Yellow3.30 kg
GRP010704S1m x 345mm x 55mmBlack/Yellow2.20 kg
GRP010131S3m x 345mm x 55mBlack/White6.60 kg
GRP010132S2m x 345mm x55mmBlack/White4.40 kg
GRP010133S1.5m x 345mm x 55mmBlack/White3.30 kg
GRP010134S1m x 345mm x 55mmBlack/White2.20 kg

Technical Specification

MaterialSilicone Carbide
Product Height5mm
Operating Temperature'-10°C to 80°C
Cleaning MethodCOBAGRiP should be almost maintenance free in most outside environments. Natural elements will have the effect of cleaning COBAGRiP. Brushing and flushing with a mild detergent solution may be desirable now and again to restore appearance.
Product PerformanceSlip tested to R13 in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002• PTV 79 in dry conditions• PTV 73 in wet conditions
Flame RetardancyFire tested to EN 9239-1:2010
Country of OriginChina




We offers a range of sales and marketing support materials. Select from any of the items below to start downloading.

Our range of GRP stair tread have been designed to help prevent slips and trips on steps. The stair treads are manufactured from silicone carbide, a glass reinforced plastic (fibreglass) composite and are 5mm thick, making them very durable. They protect individuals from slip accidents and the steps from wear and tear. GRP stair treads are often used to refurbish old and worn steps.

Every year, the HSE reports over 100,000 accidents on non-domestic stairs. It only takes a small amount of water, ice or oil for stairs to become dangerous. Poor weather conditions can negatively impact the level of safety on unprotected stairs, making them potential slip hazards. Good quality stair covers can help to prevent slip hazards as well as prolong the life of steps. See our tips: Improve Your Outdoor Stair Safety in 3 Simple Steps.

Each stair tread covers the entire step area, overlapping the edge onto the riser acting as stair protectors. There are two highly visible edge colour options available; yellow or white, both options have bright colour visibility meeting DDA requirements. Visibility is particularly important in low level light, during winter months. Stair treads with coloured edges help to define the edge of the step to prevent trip accidents.

GRP anti slip stair tread is commonly used by local authorities and transport terminals on stairways. Many factories also install GRP stair treads to improve slip resistance and underfoot safety in wet or oily environments.

The stair treads can be used in conjunction with our COBAGRiP Sheet, to create slip free stairs and walkways indoor or outdoor. They can also be used on existing or new build steps.

Installation, cleaning and maintenance are easy. External stair treads benefit from the natural outdoor elements, which have a cleaning effect. On occasion the treads can be brushed and cleaned with a mild detergent, restoring appearance.

In order to be effective, stair treads need be fitted correctly and must cover the entire step, to reduce the risk of tripping. To help with installation, you can take advantage of our Supply and Install Service, where we’ll ensure your project is completed to a high standard.

All of our GRP flooring products have a gritty silicone carbide surface, which is UV stabilised making them resilient, even in extreme weather conditions. Common applications for our product range include transport terminals, commercial buildings and schools.