GRP anti slip flooring is the ideal solution to combat slip hazards such as spilt liquids or ice

  • Available in a range of colours to meet all DDA requirements.
  • Suitable for use with forklift traffic.
  • Simply bond or screw to the existing floor surface.
  • Colour options: black, grey and yellow.

Styles Available

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Part NumberSizeColourWeight
GRP0100011.2m x 2.4mBlack23.60 kg
GRP0100021.2m x 1.2mBlack10.08 kg
GRP0100030.8m x 1.2mBlack7.70 kg
GRP0600011.2m x 2.4mGrey23.60 kg
GRP0600021.2m x 1.2mGrey10.08 kg
GRP0600030.8m x 1.2mGrey6.70 kg
GRP0700011.2m x 2.4mYellow23.60 kg
GRP0700021.2m x 1.2mYellow10.08 kg
GRP0700030.8m x 1.2mYellow6.70 kg

Technical Specification

MaterialSilicone Carbide
Product Height5mm
Operating Temperature'-10°C to 80°C
Installation MethodBond or screw to surface
Cleaning MethodCOBAGRiP should be almost maintenance free in most outside environments. Natural elements will have the effect of cleaning COBAGRiP. Brushing and flushing with a mild detergent solution may be desirable now and again to restore appearance
Product PerformanceSlip tested to R13 in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002• PTV 79 in dry conditions• PTV 73 in wet conditions
Flame RetardancyFire tested to EN 9239-1:2010
Country of OriginChina




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COBAGRiP® Sheet is part of our GRP anti slip flooring range. These sheets are available in three colours; black, grey and yellow. Our GRP anti slip flooring is suitable for use where there is forklift traffic. Key features include the ease of installing, by bonding or screwing to the existing floor surface and easy maintenance. See our full GRP Range.